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so its been a few months since an update, i made all the door & boot cards/panels ages ago, finally got them back from the upholster, i got the doors done in black vinyl & the boot in black carpet.


post-14534-0-79906100-1398942115_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-47553500-1398942249_thumb.jpg




post-14534-0-40421500-1398942461_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-22859700-1398942429_thumb.jpg


post-14534-0-79394300-1398942567_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-79923200-1398942609_thumb.jpg


post-14534-0-14608200-1398942793_thumb.jpg Only got one in the passenger door tonight, should get the rest in over the weekend.

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This is my old wagon! I have always wondered what had happened to this since I sold her, Was afraid she had been stored and forgotten about! So this is great news!


I stumbled across your thread in google images of all places, And i wasn't even looking for ke's haha...


She's coming along nicely! So glad i painted it that colour, It was the 2010 ford territory mocha from memory, Not another like it.


Keep up the good work, Shes been off the road for around 7 years now ! Would love to see it at a cruise this year?


I have another wagon iv been working on flat out for the past 8 months and she's just about done, l'll have to start a rides thread and see what people think.


Onya mate

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Got a few things done this time dad was home, its good to have some help with the stuff you don't know a lot about.


We tested the engine to see if the webers would fit, which they do only just though (actually forgot to take a pic that too :S) & also made up a plate for the old fuel pump.


post-14534-0-60933300-1440420351_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-34749400-1440420762_thumb.jpg


The wire between the alternator & the starter motor was totally rooted, melted right out of its sheath so fixed that.


post-14534-0-34600800-1440421447_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-39292500-1440421646_thumb.jpg


& fitted the rubber for the tailgate.



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post-14534-0-60452500-1459774027_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-37812100-1459774110_thumb.jpg


Got a new radiator off ebay... hope it will last.




Repainted the side garnishes, couldn't manage to match the colour but pretty happy with the colour i used. Will paint the other stuff later i recon.


post-14534-0-93576200-1459774301_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-17066100-1459774171_thumb.jpg


Bought some of these new repo sev.marchal headlights from japan.


post-14534-0-73103700-1459774584_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-69386300-1459774434_thumb.jpg

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