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Lower Radiator Support

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Have just purchased new lower radiator support. Is their any tricks in doing this job? It looks pretty straight forward, bit of grinding and a few welds. Also will I need to take any of the panels off to do it or can it all be done from underneath the car?


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You mean this one??


Out with the radiator then grab a 3mm & an 8mm drill bit, and find the spotwelds that hold it in. Then a fine steel chisel or an old flatblade screwdriver you don't mind destroying to pry the panels apart.. Castor rod fittings off and it should fall in your hand.


Panelbeat the tabs straight and weld the new one on.


I have a terrible feeling it will want the bumper off and maybe the grille so you can get access enough to swing tools around. There will be a vertical center support brace for the fittings that will need to come off too, and we had the lower front panel, the gravel tray, welded there somewhere too.


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Just to add you may want to tack a brace on the inside of front rails to hold every thing together.


Youll have to cut the sheet metal that comes down in front of the rails,as the cross member is behind it youll see what i mean when you get there.


Youll also find that if your only bought the bottom half of the cross member,that the top is more than likely f##ked as well.


It s a bigger job to try seperate the two halfs,so your better off cutting the hole crossmember out,then drill it where it joins the rails.


Then fit the new one, its a fiddley job.


As said remove bumper, grill ,caster mounts radiator .

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"Where can I get the Front Radiator Crossmember for a KE20-25 look for the spare tire panel also  "

Your local wrecker..  I don't expect there to be any new parts for those bits any more.

Can you weld some 1.6mm steel plate onto the existing crossmember instead?

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