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40Dcoe Plus Love Me


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so here i am, the fat beareded non santa that should be but not really... I'm 6'3" and 120kg with a ke35 and all i want is to do dirty mutherʞ©$ɟing burnouts and love this car. ive just had to put the neighhbours dog back in their yard and fucck.....


so my story runs.... ke35 off a mate years ago, rust and injury free apart from a

Tbone in a drivers door...... other than that and a ʞ©$ɟing mega stack of beers ive started.


origninally i built this weapon to run a 5k i bought fro a ke70.. loved it.... minimal issues, got the car running and registered for a dick weed mate who drove it round. he finally got a work car and i took it off the road to put a 3t in it.



ʞ©$ɟ!!!!!!! man what am i doing swapping gold out for pewter?>!?!?!?! that motherʞ©$ɟing 3t had more bark than alot of 4cyls and yet still I'm a ʞ©$ɟing retard to hold back......


sold the best engine i had for some garbage rebuild 5k and thats where I'm at..................






Anyone whos half cluey with 40mmdcoe twins with my setup i need some love.


ive just built a 40thou over 5k bottom end, crank, rods and slugs balanceds,


the compression ratio I'm running is with 5k solid slugs which have been cut down to give me 11.6:1 compression ratio


I have phill duggan making me a tropppo cam to suit the head flow and compression, but now my issues is what the ʞ©$ɟ do i do with with my 40mmdcoe webers................ Blown4k off clubk says run big venturies..... now my issue is well this is the last step before cam install in my engine.................... but i want to start with the right carb setup.


anyone half cluey who can help me out would bew aw0esome because I'm about to set these carbs up to suit this engine.



the cars a bucket of shit..... alll go no show but i can't wait to have some little k motor on the streets

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Use the 36mm chokes if you have them, but get 32 or 34 if you have to buy some. It depends how much of your driving you're going to spend at 7000rpm...


Usually it would be jetted with an F16 or F9 emulsion and a main jet of 145 and an air corrector around 190, it depends what the carbs were on. The idles would be good around 40/45, but they may be a size up if the carbs were on a bigger motor.


You should just clean them carefully, fit them and fire it up. They will probably run OK, and once you have tuned and balanced them you can chase chokes and jets to suit that cam.


Someone on here a month back had access to a dyno with a 4K and found he picked up some power by going down in choke size, I think it was from 36 down to 28 at the end. Its no good running 36s that work at 7000rpm if you can't get any mid-range power to get up that high.

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