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Corona Viras

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I'm new here.  I live in South America.  Found your website, as I'm scared about my  KE Corolla, catching the viras, & turning into a Corona.  I do not want that, as I couldn't afford to pay for the more Benzine it would use.  

I have looked up about the viras, & found that the Corona Viras sticks to metal surfaces. I decided to make my Corolla very slippery, so nothing could stick to it.

I poured an old drum of sump oil, I had here, all over it last night, before going to bed.

Very bad ! When I wake up this morning, the paint is peeling all over my Rolla.

Is there anything I can do to reverse this condition ?

P.S.  Sorry, I can't post a picture of it, as I think my phone has got the viras too, as the camera part doesn't seem to be working this morning.





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What!  How Un-Australian!  We must all pull together to survive this UN-mandated pandemic and if we put up with a little inconvenience it won't hurt us!  Besides, we'll take the Army off the streets and won't have them stopping you to check who you are and what you are doing    ...just as soon as this virus is gone!  Vanished from the last faulty tests we are using that give completely unreliable results, but are a great excuse to do what we want!  Maybe late June, you can all be dole-bludgers until then and we will just print money to give you. Of course we will never actually remove the laws from the books, we'll just "not enforce" them until the next pandemic when we need them, and in the meantime you can all enjoy the compulsory vaccinations needed as soon as we can make one.

Road accidents killed 92 Australians in February, compared to 20-odd for the Coronavirus.  The cost of keeping 10 or 20thousand older people alive for one more year has been 'the whole Australian economy', it will be years and years to build it back up.

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Well i can tell you this much. I'm sick of sitting at home. This is the third week of working from home. I think i've left the house twice in that time. 

Internet is too damn slow, my work laptop has 3 VPN layers to to anything so it exaggerates the issue. 

And really its only the beginning of this shamozzle. e30 might even get de-registered as its unlikely to leave the garage before....christmas?

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Hi Karlos,

                  You left your "location" on in your camera, & using the latest hi-tech software, we have here in Oz, I was able to locate you in South America, & pick up a picture of you in real-time, from a road side camera.


I have very bad news for you.  Your beloved Corolla, has already contracted the viras, & turned into a Corona !

As for the olde paint drum you used to store the old sump oil in, I can advise, that "Acid" is not a colour name for some Toyota Colour Code.

One other thing I noticed about your car, that you may have missed.  The hubcaps have fallen off; although there are others on our forum, who would probable suggest, that is the least of your issues with your Corolla.

We are amazed at the amount of work you have done to the car already, & ask that you regularly put some more pictures up here for us to look at . . . . . . .   once you get your camera  working again.


Cheers  Banjo

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Hey Rollaphiles bad news I am afraid I have been diagnosed with corollavirus and so has the Princess. Symptoms include wishing KE s were still being made, wondering what is the best polish to maintain that showroom gleam, being obsessed with what to do to power up your classic and make her handle better, getting a sore neck from nodding knowingly when people point and wave and tell you your car is sooo cool and the most painful one not recognising that an AE 86 was going to become the Holy Grail of all Corollas. Unfortunately there is no cure so we are all doomed to live happily ever after in our classic car world. Hopefully you are all safe and well.

Keep on Rolla-ing. 

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