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  1. only got on the computer today as I'm house sitting with no internet ill try tomoz if no go ill try local wreckers then repco. going for epa test in the morn but i still think they`ll fail just because its my luck. Cam enkleman and associates pty ltd. are awesome the two guys that looked after me were really down to earth which makes a big difference in my opinion. They tested the car with a sniffer passed that just not noise so its prob a good idea to go with a noise test as they tested my car at 5000rpm not 4000rpm as the epa tester said they aren`t epa guys so why get them to test it if they are not epa certified. other than that it would have breezed through its worth a chat although they are in braeside which is a trip 4 you but its worth it!!!!!
  2. stop it please your making me jelous. mate of mine has a 53 buick sedan aus delivery car really clean orig car come with two sets of crome, ridgy radio and heaps of spares paid $7000aus needs a paint but thats cheap here. Will have a sled myself once i finish my ke 11 and can bring myself to look at something other than a 50 merc, have been looking at importing a glass body but its not real if it aint steel.
  3. :) well its off to enkleman services on thursday $450 money well spent. They are in breaside if goes well ill have no hesitation to recomend them as i would allmost do it now just dealing with them over the phone. "youll have no dramas if its built with common sense" thats what i was wanting to hear.
  4. Yes as i have just recentlly found out i do need an engineers for my ke11 with a 5k. but i think it is just the Bad luck i coped a person that new what they were on about. i know of at least 6 or 7 corollas with 5k power no engineers, just my luck i guess and a cert is only $450 cheap peace of mind i think. Let you know how i go.
  5. It is confirmed as the 12th now start at bunnings cranbourne at about 11 leave 12 down to flinders portsea rye aurthurs seat and either finnish at dromana drive-in or frankston if I'm sorted with the corolla cam probably cruise down to winton for the six hour go team toyota.
  6. Bloke at vicroads says he put a coment on the computer so if i try somewhere else theyll "know when you book it in again" what a f&**hole. try the engineer he might fingers crossed as used to be a customer of ours before he changed to just being engineer might be able to ring vicroads and tell them they have now idea. but as a 5k was only available in camry or lightace it wasnt factory option and if so would need letter from toyota to say it was a factory option. thanks for the offer CAM but i have a 4k at home ive worked on this car flat out for the last celica cruise not keen on making it slower even for 1 day. but it did almost happen cracked a can mate arrived all came to dead stop.
  7. forgot to mention to you on sunday cam but my old boss used to work at repco when they where in f1 (repco brabham) later they all stayed there and formed repco research where they played with cool stuff like rotary pwered jet boats and of all things a 6/71 powered 3.5 ltr P76 he said when he was telling me about it that his mate still has the setup in his shed now that would look cool bug catcher n blower hanging from the old green girl, look for something bigger than a 5K as tuesday when i tried to rego for my car vicroads conviently tell me i need engineers so make it worth it i recon. sorry back to what i originally got on the thread have posted on the celica forum a basic outline of a mornington peninsula run when it is all confirmed ill post it in here JARAD and CAM r you in? prob either 12th or 19th of nov.
  8. sorry but just a quick off topic question, did you have to get your 5k engineered for rego? as they told me i have so its 4k until i can justify the expense of engineers i mean the 5k not just slightly warm but insanely out of controll.
  9. not wrong!!!! whent to register her today vicroads aholes want an engineers for the 5k as it is over the 10% they allow in capacity increase bs i recon so as i feel the stock 10.2 :1 comp which is stock for my 5k-j but i really feel that with 100 pump juice and the comp, cam and head arent angry enough for me to warrant $600ish for engineers just yet so 4k and matching 5 speed (i have) will get put in this weekend with the 5k lecky dizzy, extractors and su`s, and that will probably get me motivated to start on the stroker ive been wanting 4 a while.
  10. Thanks the reason i asked as I'm helping on a morris 8 build and its running a 1k with webers he makes custom manifolds so that isnt a problem, but he has cut the bellhousing and twisted it so the shiter is normal, the way yours is done looks alot stronger though. I'm looking for the same sot of thing with my 11 like hillclimbs a little more, its more of a one shot deal. I'm not from tassie but i know 1:17s at symonds is a serious street/track car well done guys. Also what tyres do you use as I'm looking at yoky a032r in a hard compound. only going hard as ill also be using them for a little street duty aswell. stu.
  11. yeah i thought they would be no dramas we have only spoken to him on the phone and loved the idea of leighs quad webers, so we thought he was the man for the job. I just thought powerplay as they were a bit closer to the city as i wasnt sure where your coming from. good luck let me know how you go.
  12. now that makes sense why didnt i pick that one earlier. I have three options which will probably able to tune her or at leats point you in the right direction. POWERPLAY they used to be called datrally but still play wth datos not sure of address or number but they are ont the net i think, and they are in CHELTENHAM or MOORABBIN. Mammi motors in SOMMERVILLE he tunes old rally cars will be able to suplly details when webers finds them. And the last guy I'm not sure of the name but i do have his details at home and will post when i get there, he also is apparentlly pretty good with su`s too. speek soon stu.
  13. dude love your car, where the heck do i get those guard flares from and how did you rock the motor over, was it cut on the belhousing and then rewelded if so great job as i can't see any other way it could be done. awesome rolla mate.
  14. Nothing at all mate it looked spectacular had at no time any real untidyness and was hard up any celica that was in front of it all day i think I'm in love with toyoglide powered old rollas, what a machine 85ish mph was it cam? hopefully will see you guys at the next cccv cruise and maybe a few more from rolla club. will post new thread when have worked out details with the guys on celica forum, prob just after cup weekend. hope to see you there... stu.
  15. Not to sure, but what are they off std if i knew that then it would be quite easy for me to steer you in the right direction, as i know a few places south of melb that deal in historic restos and racing.
  16. I now have details "about time slacka" It is the southern hot rod club. AT: MEBOURNE gun club Victoria road LILYDALE (melways ref: 274. e9.) WHEN : 3rd december 2006 HOW MUCH : Entry Fee - $15 car and driver (hot rods only sorry) Admittance - $5 - under 14 free (really expensive) I don't have the contact details for entries but i do at work so if anyone you guys know has a hot rod from rat to phat reply to thread and i can pass on the info. Food and drinks are available from the gun club. I will be going not sure what in yet but will be there.
  17. Jarad mate you missed out big time LIVE better be worth it moparman and webers will surely back me up. after leaving YEA and through KINGLAKE it got really great super super twisty roads, and the body roll over steers out of corners by the ke25 have to be applauded, any more though and inside wheels would be clean off the ground. Top day guys nice to meet you all and what a cruise the celica boys put on. Keep an eye on this thread as crazy from classic celica club has given the task of organising the next one probably in november to me so ill drop the info in here.
  18. you can always drop comp with a big turbo cam as the big overlap and duration will leave the valves slightly open therefore lowering operating comp. i think from memory that 609 is quite large that and timming it all ads up before you know it 9to1 turns to 8.0to1. What power do you make thats the big question
  19. you would be suprised what some people can do with cars if its true then i think the word is excentric if spelt correctly but i would use nut case my corolla is old and parts are a little hard to find but after driving her the first time the other week am in love its the most fun car ive owned and people look at it as if to say what the f&$k is that.
  20. did or not Brian Sampson have a class win at bathurst in a ke 15 or 17 sprinter, pretty sure they ran 3k`s dry sump and webers etc and were good for about 120 ish hp. but that is what i was told, they are a reliable source though. I reasonably sure that two of the black and white photos were taken at bathurst car 56 with sing in background looks like the old last turn and cer 25 looks like on the way down mountain. great photos love it. and chicks only dig 25 more as they are two young to know that a 10/11 is a corolla if they didi it would be equal. they all rock.
  21. whats the exact difference from a aus delivery 25 apart from the 1600 am presuming its a celica motor and the slightly different front end. nice find old mags like that have so much more info than new ones. :) like do we really want to know how to fit neons and all that drifter ricer garbage. not here want info on cool stuff like what lift cam to put into my small block to get 8000 rpm not that i have a small block but you know what i mean. will save link and read more fully later but nice find.
  22. Thanks for all help have her with sync, ear and pulg readings got fairly close. also a quick question was wondering what needle and mainjets anyone uses for my type of application. Ihave no 5 neeldles and the .090" mainjet. thanks STU.
  23. Thats the one. He has like a 350kw at wheels rodeo 20`s awesome paint, stereo, interior hes missus has a 4 door(under construction) with airbags, custom airbrushed paint, and also 20`s. he runs sound obsetion don't have number but they are in new street FRANKSTON. They sell alpine, boston acoustic, and now clarion. does a great custom install. but getting back on the topic, count me in just need a bit of notice to organise long service leave.
  24. Posman, webers and i were just talking about that sort of thing on the weekend. A mate of mine a mini trucker goes on one of these things once a year in nsw and they have like 200 plus trucks attend i don't mean we need that many i mean guys come from mainly east coast but i think as it is almost halfway should someone let the guys from SA know they might be interested depending on date should be in though.
  25. The brand of the pistons iam pretty sure are sterling, just like an acl or precision(hypatech) cast piston. To bring the bore clearance back so you can have good ring gap aswell is to HPC coat the skirts with the teflon coating i think its about 20 each just for that but not to sure or you can have the piston resized to a .030" or .020" or even std as most of that sort of piston is made from same blank so will be thick enough but that is the dearer option or when bore it you can bore each cyl to each piston and then gap rings the same. stu
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