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  1. It all comes back to whether head, exhaust,compression and how restrictive inlet is to what sort of cam will work best for application. I have a 5k with twin su`s but will soon be stroking it with 7k crank and rods and yes i can make it fit well i hope i can, also with 7k efi which i have so would be interested to know which choice you made and how it all goes. You could ask a few of your local eng shops as there are a heap of 3k guys racing speedway so a lot of shops know about these types of engine
  2. Thats looks great from the paint to the engine bay all the way to the boot. Great stance, I really mean i just love the whole car. there is a ke 25 here in vic reged and engineered with a 289 windsor number plates TWO-89 it was beige with hub caps a real sleeper, now it just has black wheels and a 6/71 powered 302 windsor. Last i heard it was for sale, but this thing takes it two enother level. Nothing makes people look 2,3,4 times like a v8 rolla!!!!!
  3. considering simmilar thing on my mates straight 8 in his 51 buick i had to talk him out of two carbs. But a flat slide motorbike carb per pot would be the way to do it i recken, that would class as old skool as thats all they would have had back then.
  4. 4 carbs r better than 2 tho :( Now Leigh you can't leave people hanging like that, sorry mate but i have to post this to clarify. Not 4 throttle bodies these are what he means!!!! 2400 cfm combined 4 x 48mm idf (not ida no chokes) not bad carb setup for a 308. And yes the bay does look great with all that fuelly goodness.
  5. Rock on thats insane i saw this on toymods a while ago, and by chance its not rego`d is it.
  6. On dec 3rd the southern hotrod club (i think thats what there called) are having an event/show, at lilydale gun club. One of our customers is organising it and has flyers at work so ill get more details tomoz. I will going with my car and a blown 32 coupe mates dad and if all is his finnished his blown 502 powered 32 roadster. Just seeing if anyone is interested in something different
  7. Oops sorry doubled up twice stupid computer. Hey pmp 020 i hear on toymods that your 250 powered 20??? is registered must be isane driving that on the street? have been in 9 and 10 sec cars but sooo much torque so little weight id be in heaven.
  8. Sorry guys no body shots just yet on stands in webers garage but i will have some on the weekend. Till then here is some more pics.
  9. Sorry guys no body shots just yet on stands in webers garage but i will have some on the weekend. Till then here is some more pics.
  10. Hi I'm stuart and this is my ke 11 corolla. Paid $1300 for it and have done a lot of work on it over the last 10 months or so purchased it off my boss and the mods he had done were. 5 k 5 speed extractors twin 1 1/2" su`s custom strut brace ke 20 front end scheel seats some mods i have done. 2" exhaust battery in boot electric fuel pump new fuel lines thermo fan saas harnesses much much much more and thanks to webers 4x48 for all his help too. her are some pics more to come.
  11. Hope you don't mind but I'm just about to put a thread in the members rides section so ill have photos there, and have now fixed profile. Thanks for the welcome guys.
  12. Webers don't talk garbage its not that big (decent cam), Mr my v8 revs to 8 grand and loves it!! :D ha ha. Hi I'm stuart, and yes i own a ke 11 its white and soon when I'm regd hopefully 3 weeks I'm up for a cruise.
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