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The Photography Thread


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So here's the deal. You post your best pictures you've ever taken in the thread.


Keep discussion to a minimum, rate the person's picture above yours out of 10.


Let the pornography, i mean photography, begin! :)



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awesome photo mate. 10/10 for me. i love erosion. anyways, i took this photo AGES ago shortly after i bought my first sooby and shortly before the wheels were swapped and 'the car formerly known as supercamry' got the ass. i love the long exposure shots. i havent taken any decent photos really since cause I'm a slacker and i don't have a digital camera.




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Raven, love the pic, 10/10

Nick, Also lovin the pic, 10/10


Took this a long time ago while driving in my sisters car.

Its the first thing that sprung to my head when i saw this thread, just took an hr to find it.



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Looking good Nicko.


9/10 as the only thing I can fault with that is that "Superjamie" isn't centered in the picture properly.


Below is my best friends Supra that I took a picture of at Portland in Victoria.




Remember people, only rate the picture that is above the one you're going to post up. :)

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Not the best quality pic i have taken (far from it lol), but one of my favorates. Took this about 3 years ago with very primative digatal camera.


7.8/10 for the pic (lolz 7.8 i laughed at myself) wait looking at people 6's may be a 8.6 :)


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I'd give it an 8.5, pretty good for a "primitive" digi, like how the lower half is completely in darkness/sillhouette




Taken today on the way home from taking some photos of my car at Nobbys, just pulled into the carpark and stuck the camera out the window....Bar Beach looking south towards Merewether Beach, home of surfing legends

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