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Rusty Relics - Post Old And Abandoned Rollas Here


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A mate told me about an old corolla thats about to get dumped, I got the address and went over that day. Its was this 79 KE38. I havent seen such a rusted corolla before. Got the car trailer, loaded it up and took it home.


Last registered in 1992, last used in 1993. Still has the key in the ignition. The engine was seized, 4 blown out tires, no brakes, heat and rust f**ked.


We've spent this week mucking around with it, Diesel got it unseized. Its a runner! Even charges the battery. Put extractors on it cause the original exhaust was rusted up to the manifold, bloody radio with that underdash speaker works!

Put another carby on it, removed the thermostat tidied it up - woo hoo! Takin it out for a bush bash this weekend.


Whats sooooo anoying that that everyone just wants to hit it! Cave the guard in or write something on it with a screw driver! AHH!




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