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Rusty Relics - Post Old And Abandoned Rollas Here


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Well heres my KE38 ( It IS a rusty relic) as posted before. We took it out and on a drift corner *on dirt* the right strut gave way and pushed the tire up into the drivers foot well pushing the excellerator on, loosing control through the bush, smashin down trees, poped tire and bent rim later... :D ... it needs a car trailer to go home! whoopsy, been sitting too long! I'll put some KE55 struts in it now. You can just see the path of destruction...


BTW: I didnt actually want this to happen. Mate was driving.





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Seen these at my local wreckers today:






KE70 still has the 5 speed in it.




AE71 auto (motor & box inc) that is reasonably clean, He still wanted 500 as he said they are rare (HA) but it didnt stop him from sitting in on the ground with no wheels.



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