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National Code Of Practice For Light Vehicle Modifications


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Id encourage anyone setting out on a build to have a few nights reading this novel.


Its actually quite sensible, so follow it and they will have to give you a mod plate and you can stay on the road!


don't forget to refer to the Australian Design Rules to see exactly what they mean when they refer to them!







and thirdly, here is a general vehicle certification page. Its handy if you want to know whats involved in importing a car from overseas.






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Ah... Isn't this the national code that the states could elect to become signatories of? If I'm right I think QLD intended to sign up anyway, but correct me if I'm wrong.



I have only read the preface. So far the document seems to say all states have accepted this code of practice, and take responsibility for administrating in different ways, in some cases having specific differences in their requirements (mainly differences in administrating the National Code of Practice, is how it seems to read). Since the cars are assessed on a case by case basis there are few hard and fast rules for all cases. Also note its a working document that is updated periodically to change with the times. This means you should check it every year or so if you drive a modified vehicle.

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I have blue plate approval for QLD to do light vehicles, motor conversions, gearbox, diffs, dif centres, brakes, roll cages, brakes, fuel tank mods, seats & belts, and am in contact with qld transport frequently, they say it is going to change ( but i think what is holding it up is they want all states to sign up, if NSW doesn't it will stuff everyone) so if your building one build it to QLD rules, i'll let you know when i hear more

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Information provided to me by two engineers in QLD, 1st November 2012, welded roll cages will be ruled out indefinitely,


So those who are thinking of one (me) hurry up


There are some changes to engine conversions, not sure on the relevant ADRs, singe models will apply

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Have bolted in cages always been uncompliable?


not that a bolted cage is a good idea.


Bolted half cages that have no bends will still be permissable, they don't like 6 point for the obvious, but that's the joys of bolt in, that means will be two seater


Mass produced bolt in cages for EVOs etc are also allowed, but they have to be tagged by the designer

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Good grief man....we don't even have inspections any more here. Used to be once a year when you got tags you got inspected for things like brakes, headlight alignment, exhaust leaks, cracked windshields.......now as long as you can move down the road, they don't seem to care until something goes wrong. I have one friend who got told some years ago by a cop that he didn't want to see his 302 V8 powered 74 Celica on the road again, but didn't do anything "official" about it.

For me that's ok because I have a single crack down the center of my windshield that would have kept my car off the road and I cannot find another windshield anywhere over here.

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