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I just bought this wagon and I thought I should make a thread to show it off and get help and ideas etc etc.


The car is a white(originally yellow) 1979 ke38, it has done 285000 ks and has a 4k with a 4 speed manual.


Its a bit rough in areas(rust, dents, scratches) but overall I am very happy with this car. The interior is fair good. Engine bay not so good, runs fine, just been massively neglected cos last owner had no time for it.


Anyway heres photos of the day after I bought it.


Visor and all.....


Random fake exhaust. (lol). Loving the rear end.. looks even better now its clean and fixed number plate and dent/paint.




this is the good side 16-lol.gif




Talk about neglect, this is how it was being driven and there was no brake fluid... cobwebs on the air filter.









Since then I have cleaned it up alot and fixed a fair few things. but I will post more some other time.





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Haha fake exhaust, gets 9/10 for rice points :lol:


Looks pretty reasonable for a start to a project, I'm liking the striping on the back windows.


I see it rocks a digital designs sticker, is it rocking any actual digital designs gear?

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Looks like a decent base for a project, I've seen worse.


Liking the striping on the rear windows too :lol:

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lOl Love the rear windows. I didn't notice the extra exhaust, I like :lol:


Its got a passenger mirror too SWEET


I like the strips on the roof but its missing the roof rack.

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The Digital Designs stuff was taken out before the sale. He did leave a JVC head unit in the glovebox and there is still the cables to run a sub and front speakers just no amp or anything. I have an order in for 1 Alpine 10inch sub from JBs :lol: but its taken like 2 months already. Alpine is hard to get apparently.


Yeah its got aircon :osama: but I will believe it when I feel it..


Its also got Crown 14 inch stockies on it which I rate highly.


I'll get some progress pics up soon...

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Hey, there has been a lot of progress here are SOME of the things I have done.. (just the ones I can think of right now)


-Steering box? swapped for newish one... the bit thats in the engine bay. No more sloppy steering! :D


-Rust repairs. Not using a welder but still better than nothing.


-Interior stuff- Centre console out. ke55 Black carpet and ke55 front door trims with speakers in. Glove box has CD player. Alpine amp and 10"sub are in. !BOH SELECTA! (bass fiend) :)


-Paint- Got some Wattyl Killrust White, which matches nicely, that I will slowly be painting the car with. Have done front quarters and front apron and rust repair spots. Looking good so far.


-Front lowered level with back.


This is the worst of the rust (just under the tailgate where the rubber goes). I cut the whole shelf off because it was so bad. But now it's not sealed so I drive with the windows closed or fumes get sucked into cabin.. Might try to get some kind of rubber strip than can be stuck on maybe.... :D


Still needs a clean but I like what I see.



New Bonnet going on as soon as it's painted up. Including much better chrome strip.







Future plans


Ke36 rear bumper

Extra rear leaf + reversed eye rather than blocks.

5k 5 speed + new clutch


+ more

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good to see this wags still getting around with someone who appriciates it behind the wheel :P


its a nice looking ride.


cheers, scott

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Lookin' Schmick Chris - You've really put alot of effort into it. Nice Job.


I have a few Positive Notes for ya:


- The Car looks *PIMP*, Especially with the Front End Lowered and the "Pimp Daddy" Sun Visor.

- The Interior looks Really Nice. How Good are the Vibration Levels with that Wicked Sub-Woofer in the Boot??

- Is that a New Exhaust Tip I see?? It looks Really Nice - It suits it.

- I didn't Notice it, but, The 14" Crown Stockies look Grouse. I was wondering why the Rims were Bigger than 13s.


Also, I've got 1 Question for ya:


After the Rust Repair stuff, Are you planning on Spraying it Another Colour, Giving it a Respray, or Are you going to leave it with the White Rust Repair stuff??


As I said, Great Job. :P



Josh :rock:

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Looking better already Chris, good stuff!


I nearly bought this a few years back when it was in better nick, but still a great buy! I always wondered - are fake side venetians just taped on or what?


Still got the photo on my computer after all this time - this is what it looked like then with the walls on it - great look! Hope you like it.


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HAHA wow cheers for the pic! :rock:


Would love to get it to that standard again. Including white walls. It looks sweet as in that pic. Even got a white taggy in the background! Thats just awesome, seriously.


The white striped windows are just stickers, I think the dude who used to own it worked at a sticker company or something.. but I'm keeping them atleast until I get some real venetians for it. I should get a rolla club sticker for it too :P


To answer your questions Josh.. The subwoofer has huge amount of bass, it's quite stupid. And if you want to vibrate the entire car, you could! But I don't really put it on that loud very much. It is a clearer sound when it's at a nice low level.


The exhaust is still the same as i got it, came up nice with a bit of a polish.


With the paint I am going to use only Killrust(about $50 worth) and probably use a roller for most of it. It's strong paint and beats paying hundreds if not thousands on a full respray. I have managed to get a good finish that I am happy with so I will continue with it. The preparation and sanding is very important. HERE is a link to where I learnt how to do this method. There's hundreds of pages of info and ramble about it... I spent many hours gathering info from that thread..



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