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Test And Tune.


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Hay guys, I'm fairly new here

I'm keen on coming and making it 3x KE70 Panel Van hopefully, only problem it's my daily. its got the conversion and it's done 300km + on clock and I already have leaks from places and It's a little touchy,

Keen on spectating but would seem like I'm soft lol.



don't be soft,

if my old smokey rattly 4k can do it and survive so can your car


man up and run it down the quarter


Panelvan 's UNITE !!!!!

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This is coming live from 1min drive from WIllow bank...POURING RAIN..LOL


I wont be there tonight next week etc till I fix KE15 decided to pull front wheels and struts out/off car and umm pull apart motor to fix oil leaks..LOL So uni and work permitting ill be there in 3 weeks..LOL



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