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Test And Tune.


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Hi guys, I'm just extending an all inclusive invitation to Brisbane area members to come out to test and tune and have a safe and legal drag race or three.


If you show up at Willowbank from 5.30 in in the afternoon you can race on the strip as many times as you like for $40.


I had three runs, and had a great time. It was by no means as intimidating as I expected. Its a lot of fun and quite exciting. Just a hoot where you can drop a skid then go hard and fast without worrying about Mr Plod.


Its nice to have an official time slip for your car, and its a good way to quantitatively assess the work and mods you are doing on your car as they progress.


Don't think you need a fast car, not at all. Its very non-competitive. Mungi mods came and put a std 450000klm 4k down the strip and pulled a 21, but he had a great time just like the rest of us. Like terry said, he may not be fast but he looked good doing it.


The people there are mostly just bogans like you and I, and I didnt get one bad vibe the whole night, infact its a great way to meet new people as interested in cars as you.


Ill probably go again in 2 weeks, so if someone is keen drop a line here and Ill send a PM when I'm going out so we can have a whole posse of rollas there.

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KE15 sales book for it says 17 so with 5K in mine I'm hoping for about a 16..LOL :P


I am out there now and then (I live 1min away from there) So I'm always keen to come out.


I am thinking about this week coming going out but if you all want to go in 2 weeks looks like I might give this week a miss.




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Yes most people have motorbike helmets, I assume its full face. Must be approved they will look for the sticker.


You can run open front helmets out there.


Hoping to run the 82 as soon as I fix the oil leak it has is fixed, went out last night to watch Scotty run the 20.

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If ya goin in 2 weeks time then count me in, i wouldnt mind giving terry a race cause i reckon seeing 2 KE70 panos race would be sweet. And i know i'll win if i race him cause last time i went i ran a 19 sec pass :P


ah yes, but i go slow intentionally so peeps can see my fully sick dishy Jdm rimmmmzzz....:D

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