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The Girl's Ke70


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OK, I have the two VT oxy sensors, two 18mm nuts to be welded onto the extractors and a Jaycar fuel mixture display..but no second car as the wife has gone up to Northern NSW for a few days to pick up the daughter in the Altezza.


So the rolla went down to Central West exhausts to have the sports system completed. When I fitted the exractors they ran them into a 2" pipe and a 2" resonator, then back into the stock system. Now it goes from the resonator into a 1.75" pipe and terminates in a chambered muffler- Redback I think.


It sounds great- too quiet for any of you young guys with a straight-through, but its hardly noticeable inside the car and growly without being raspy outside. It reminds me of an MG-B.


Even came with a polished stainless tip! :jamie:


So, mixture meters next week!



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just had a read mate!


this car is fantastic!!


when/if i have kids, they are soo getting a PROPERLY modded car.


i love that airbox, and how youve got that huge filter in there. very nice design.


i wonder why you never see such a thing on 4age's with quads? i guess the brake booster is in the way a bit.


interested to see how that jaycar air/fuel thing goes, how do you calibrate it? ill have to look into it..

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Well, I starterd with a pair of Commodore VT oxygen sensors from the wreckers for $40, and a pair of 18mm nuts. I drilled and filed the holes in number 1 & 4 exhausts and paid a welder $20 to fit them.


The worst thing was that the inner layer of fibreglass was too brittle to re-use properly!


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The girl had previously tossed the center console out, so I rescued that for the FMD meter that rb20 rolla gave to me. That was powered off the cigarette lighter.


I'd just got to this step when I had to go to Melbourne for a week, and the son's Mighty Woo failed its pink slip in massive style.


This meant a quick change of plans and we headed off in the 'rolla on a 2500km venture!


The meters worked beautifully, the carbs were easily balanced and the needle options sorted. It ran at 7.5L/100km up and down, about 9.4L/100km around Melb and never gave a moments hassle. It cruises around 14.7 to lean, goes instantly rich when booted, and goes to 17 or more lean on over-run. I've got a couple of videos but don't know how to load them yet.


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I fitted the cold air tube before I left, and I was driving up the flat inland road past the Griffith turnoff at a neat 100kph. It was running lean, flicking between 14.7 down to 16, which is fine, when we swept around a long corner and changed direction. It promptly went rich, between about 13 and 14.7!!


I watched it as another corner came up a few minutes later and once again it went lean! Over an hour or so I realised that the almost-headwind was being blocked from the cold air tube entry by the headlight when we travelled Northeast, and unimpeded when we travelled Northwest! So you can change your fuel usage by having the air intake in the wrong place!


Needless to say, a trumpet extension to the back of the grille is on the plans!


It also went rich when draughting trucks in their slipstream...


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I used one on each carb Evan, so I could see any air leaks or problems. The switch in the console flicks from one input to the other, and they are suprisingly similar in readings.


When I'm bored I'll loan it out for a few beers and a swap set of extractors!! :P


It hauls 100kph with ease now, and doesn't die on any hills except the really steep two climbing back up to Orange. Chalk and cheese compared to the stock auto we bought!

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would really like to do the o2 sensor mod to mine!


on the last cruise going up really tight sleep hair pins it kept bogging down, felt like it was getting flooded.


how low does the display go? 9-10?


it doesnt have to be mounted up near the manifold does it? i would like to mount just before the rear section flange

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It reads R or L when it reaches the end of the bar graph. I've seen 20 on there for lean and 11 for rich, but really the important figures are 12 to 17 or so. After that its too rich or too lean.


I'll grab some photos of it in use tomorrow or Tuesday when I get sorted out a bit more.


Usually they are mounted further away than I put them, down just past the collector and before the exhaust pipe starts.


Next I want a fuel flow computer so I can relate mixture to amount of fuel being used, then a pitot tube so I can measure airflow when draughting trucks and then a vac gauge on the cold air inlet and then... :P

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how much did your total set up cost?


Its worth $110, but mine cost me $50, as I was given the $60 display by rb20 rolla!


So it depends if you buy the FMD from Jaycar, can weld the nuts onto the exhaust, and can get a couple of O2 sensors out of some wrecker. (who can never sell them anyway!)


The wideband function would be nice, although I would like to see them side by side to see just how different it is.


Here's a phone vid of it running on cruise. Another interesting point we noticed was that bumps in the road are visible as the carb suddenly richens then leans out again, from the piston that floats on the airstream bouncing down then back up.



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Unfortunately I don't, but I can see someone in the club should carry a few sets to sell! Quite a few guys are looking for them at the moment.


I've only seen the 4-into-1 sets being made these days, they end up in a 2" pipe. I ran inch & 3/4 from the resonator to the back and it works great.

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