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Why Do You Think We Need A Govt??

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Whenever I type does, it self corrects on posting as does.  Now I'm becoming (even more) paranoid

It's all related to the COVID-19 pandemic !

I looked up the dictionary, & this is what it says . . .


Nothing about muffler noises or kids on drugs, or a does of microchips !

A strange word !

P.S. I'm thinking of moving to a South Sea island; I'm sure they don't get hung up about all these things.  Vanuatu looks nice !


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But would you have anywhere to drive.  Perhaps you could switch to one of those K powered boats I saw somewhere recently.  

Fluffy pup is a miniature cavoodle.  Not a lap dog, they are the toy breeds.  Miniatures are the middle size, and he is 9kgs at 5 months old.  

If I hadn't got him, I could of bought Styler's K motor!

He needs a good shearing but the groomer is grading him up to that over three visits.  Today was visit two, so fluffier than usual.

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Hi Pete,



But would you have anywhere to drive.  Perhaps you could switch to one of those K powered boats I saw somewhere recently.  

Considering building a full size version of this Toybota, a bit like the TopGear one.


Then I can go land or sea, & pop out to my island off the coast !


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On 3/16/2021 at 9:08 AM, Banjo said:

Does ! Yeah, a strange word.  I try not to use it.  DOE stands for Department of Education;  Department of Energy; Department of Ecology. Therefore DOEs refers to people who work for those arms of government, doesn't it.  There I go again, I've used it again.   Except we spell it incorrectly. Duznit ?  or maybe Donzen, which is when you get 12 off those staff together, who work for said departments.

I might need to get my shot very soon. This is all messing with my head.

DoE means Duke of Edinburgh Award to me :D  Damn monarchy has their fingers in everything

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"Asked if a foreign diplomat may have spread the virus, given they are exempt from hotel quarantine, Professor Sutton replied: "We simply don't know. I wouldn't rule anything in or out.""

Yup.. they're looking after us all right! The rules are that the peasants get shafted as usual but the Govt  do what they like. No Covid-spreading hotels for diplomats, and Govt ministers getting busted for breaking their own rules all the time. They have continued to travel to these all-important world meetings between the pigs and the farmers.

Meanwhile Fauci's email leaks show the Americans knew Covid came from the Wuhan Lab but tried to hide it.  Now they're willing to sacrifice Fauci to demonise the Chinese and blame them, omitting to point out the American Army Bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick was closed down in 2019 due to 'failure of biocontainment systems '.  Of course while the mainstream media are picking up on the 'Lab-created' rather than 'eating a pangolin' story,  they are failing to point out that the Americans. under Fauci, financed the building of the Wuhan Lab and paid to run it after gain-of-function experiments were banned in the USA.  No-one is calling for all Govts to ban bioweapon experiments, so don't expect this to end well in the future. Covid is only the first one..!

A Chinese virologist who was among the first people to tout the Wuhan lab theory said the coronavirus is a bioweapon and Dr. Anthony Fauci was among the scientists and organizations who knew about it and tried to hide it. 

In a Wednesday night interview on Newsmax, Dr. Li-Meng Yan said Fauci's emails, which were published by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post on Tuesday, proved he knew about the Chinese gain of function research before the pandemic started.

'These people knew what happened, but they chose to hide for the Chinese Communist Party and their own benefits,' Yan said. 

She published three reports - two last year and one this year - and she didn't mince words in latest report - published March 31: 'The causative agent of COVID-19, is not a naturally occurring pathogen but an Unrestricted Bioweapon.

'It is a product of the bioweapons program of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government, the network of which includes not only the CCP scientists but also certain overseas scientists and organizations.' 

All three reports were published without peer review on Zenodo.   

The Wuhan lab leak was considered at first to be a crazy conspiracy theory that was pushed by the far right to blame China for the pandemic until President Joe Biden said his administration is looking into it. 

British intelligence reportedly assessed the theory recently and upgraded its likeliness from 'remote' to 'feasible', according to The Sunday Times

Then came Fauci's email dump on Tuesday, when more than 3,200 of his emails from January to June 2020 were obtained and published by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post

Yan referenced one of these emails during her interview with Newsmax. 

On February 1, 2020, one of Fauci's direct reports, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, wrote in an email to Fauci that the 'experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by NIH (National Institutes of Health).'

Fauci and Auchincloss were discussing a paper that Fauci sent him.  


Its a bit like the BOM ignoring the fact that the Earth hasn't warmed since 2016, that ocean temperature is dropping, and now sell cold weather as 'a delight for snow-skiing' to the peasants.  This doesn't sound like global warming to me...

By now you've read all about the first really big winter storm system of 2021, with a cold pool of air and snowfalls likely as far north as the NSW Northern Tablelands and even elevated parts of southern Queensland - but where can you go to throw a snowball or two? A little further down the page, we've compiled a quick guide to some of the likely snow hot spots - actually, make that cold spots.

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Well well, you want to kill someone, no problem, but DON'T ever carry a book or something that is 'objectionable', THAT will really get you into trouble! 

Probably its a booklet on how to use Ivermectin to stop Covid, or how useless those vaccines are.

"Police alleged the man's threat to kill was made between July 13 and September 7. That charge carried a maximum penalty of seven years' jail.

He also faced two charges of supplying or distributing an objectionable publication on August 5. The maximum penalty for those charges is 14 years' jail."

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