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Leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator


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Ive got a ke70 with a 4k motor in it and I have removed the air conditioner system from it.

I started it today and my mate noticed 2 small holes on the standard fuel pressure regulator are spitting fuel out.

The small holes are on the bottom of the regulator what would be causing it to spit out the holes? are they meant to me there?

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  • 11 years later...

Hey guys I know its been 11 years since last reply, but worth a shot, so my old mechanical fuel pump was leaking from the bottom I believe it was from the bottom of gasket seal, as I could not see any fuel from the holes at the bottom of the pump and it wasnt leaking it was more like pissing, I ordered a brand new Goss Fuel pump with brand new gaskets, Installed on the 4k, and same thing is happening its pissing from the gasket seal, what could be some causes of this

uneven insulator, did not scrape the old gasket off enough(I pretty much scraped it back to bare metal), just shitty aftermarket gaskets(they were plasticy ), the engine block is no longer flat, or just need to use permatex sealant.

Any response will be helpful.

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Remove the fuel pump, & insulator, between the block & the pump mounting flange.  Measure the width, or thickness of the insulator.  This is critical.  If it is too narrow, the travel of the fuel pump action will be too great, & damage will occur.

It's too late, & too cold now, to head out to the shed, &  measure the correct thickness, but off memory, it's quite thick, like somewhere between 10-15mm.

Most replacement pumps come with two (2) gaskets, that go either side of the insulator mounting spacer block, but do not supply that block itself.


I'll check that figure in the morning, & post it here.

Cheers Banjo 


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 as I could not see any fuel from the holes at the bottom of the pump and it wasnt leaking it was more like pissing,

After reading your post again, I'm not sure whether you are referring to fuel, or oil pouring out ?

The "spacer" / "insulator" is a fraction under 10mm in thickness, from the one I measured here this morning, fitted to a running engine.

If it is oil, then it is simply a case that the preparation of the mounting land on the block, & fuel pump, have not been prepared well, or no gasket goo applied.  There is a lot of oil being "splashed" around, inside the block, at that point. The seal of the fuel pump, to the block, must be totally secure.  That's why all new pumps, are supplied with two new gaskets, (one either side of the spacer/insulator).

Cheers Banjo



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