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Ollie's 4Age Ke70 Wagon


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So I'm thinking of going one of these colours,or at least using it as a base. Any thoughts or recommendations? I'll be going non-metallic, with clear over the top. Going to try paint it myself and see how it turns out.


Alto Grey




Evoke Grey which is a little darker




This porsche Grey




Thinking of the newer ford ranger grey too.


Lined up the dcoe manifold with one of the heads and didn't realise it had been ported so much.. So a bit of learning, trial and error ahead. Going to practice on a spare head. What bits have people used? Carbide burrs or just spend ages with sanding bits? This is what needs to be removed. Need to also get a one piece extractor gasket (permaseal em30?)





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Not too much has been happening lately, been working a fair bit to get some cash under my belt, but just blew it on this..




I've slowly been chipping away, painted the fuel tank as well as some other pieces. Also blew through all the brake and fuel lines with the compressor and gave them a quick polish.




I pulled the seats out and scrubbed the carpet a fair while ago too, came up pretty decent but there are a few burn marks so I'll probably replace it in the future.




Need to drop some money before this will get anywhere noticeable.., kind of keep putting that off. I'll try get off my arse and get some paint and the ball joints swapped over then I can get it rolling. Hopefully that will give me motivation to finish sooner rather than later.


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So been a little while between updates, but I've been getting a few little things done. Unfortunately I got hit by a drunk and uninsured driver last friday night, he pulled clean out infront of me going around 40-50. I hit his front right wheel, over the bars, over the bonnet onto the ground, bike written off :( Still waiting to hear back from my insurance company. My thigh made that nice dent in the tank, got a nice corky and popped both shoulders out, but apart from that I'm all sweet :y:




Finally bought paint, its called N55 lead grey. Matched the Holden Alto grey from a book and that's what I picked out. $155 for 4L of acrylic.

Also got around to swapping the ball joints, went to the local servo and the bloke said all he'll use is a hammer and pipe, so i gave it a go myself. I know it's not the best way but I thought I'd give it a crack. I didn't have the right size pipe, so made a crude tool out of wood, not pretty but it worked. I cut the tapered bolt off for clearance put a socket on top and hit it with a hammer till it popped out. Basically the same procedure in reverse to install the new ones.




I also replaced the front wheel bearings, and plan to do the rear. They looked as if they'd be fine with clean and regrease but I'd rather just know they were new. I hit the seal and bearing races out with a hammer and screwdriver, scooped all the old grease out and wiped it clean with solvent. I lightly greased the new races and hit them in with a socket. Again, a press is preferable, but I couldn't be bothered. We'll see how it goes. Packed the new bearing with grease and shoved a decent amount inside the hub. Replaced the rear seal, greased the stub axle and slid the hub onto the coilovers, awaiting new discs and grease caps to finish it off, and the front setup will be complete, ready to be installed.




Contemplating getting KYB agx adjustable shocks for the front, as they're only around $200/pair shipped from the states. One of my Excel-G shocks is still brand new, so could sell them too. Anyway I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so I can finally paint the engine bay and get it rolling once again (~10 degrees and raining sideways is not ideal). Also have a t50 for sale that I was told was a k50 that I bought sight unseen, no shifter or clutch fork. I'll get more stuff together and put up a for sale thread one day.

Hopefully I'll have an update soon with it on all fours.

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Mine aren't, but the Agx are. Would it be worth it upgrading to adjustable? Never played with all this before.





Holy shit that's bad news! Soon after you'd bought the bike too. Still, you're lucky to be alive really, bikes and cars don't mix well.


Haha yeah it didn't last too long! And it was lucky I hit the front wheel/quarter and not further back, would have gone straight into the car instead of over it.

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So over the last couple of days I've been slowly working on getting the fuel tank cleaned and reinstalled. Finally got it all connected up and bolted back in this morning, when I went out at around 8 o'clock it hadn't even hit 3 degrees outside yet..

I just shook around some petrol inside the tank then let it all drain out, repeating this a couple of times. It looked pretty clean inside, with only a light coating of muck on one surface. Not enough to worry me.

I'm not too sure what's involved with a sedan tank, but installing my tank was a royal pain in the arse. I had to prop it up enough to be able to connect all the hoses, then lift it up with one arm/my face and get the bolts in. While this is going on I had to try feed the fuel hoses back through into the body so the tank can tuck right up. Not too fun by yourself with hardly any room to move. The rubber grommets were just ridiculous too. Anyway it's all in now, happy days :y:




I'm going to need to replace the fuel filler, or at least fix the rust. But it's pretty bad on the outside too so I reckon I'll drill the welds out and get a new one welded in and sealed up.




Slowly getting there, sold my t50 and will hopefully getting my insurance money soon, and I'm thinking of dumping it into the engine work & carbs. We'll see what happens though.

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