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Ollie's 4Age Ke70 Wagon


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Hey man I've been out of the rolla scene for a bit just picked up a 70 wagon, what sort of suspension upgrades would you reckon for the rears? I've got a spare set of stock springs out of a mid 70 low lux was thinking I could fit them and drop but chasing info. Also what struts/springs did you use in the front want something like your set up looks sick

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Hey mate, at the moment I have 2.5" blocks and I took the bottom (thickest) spring, flipped it and put it on top. As long as you have a vice or a couple of clamps its pretty easy. Chuck a screwdriver or something through the hole in the centre of the pack as you're clamping them to keep them all aligned. I chucked it in the vice to keep them together while i did up the locating pin/bolt. I have Koni Yellow 80-2437 adjustable shocks in the rear.




This is how it sat on 13's




and on 15's




As far as I can recall the ride wasn't too bad, but its been off the road for ages now so can't really remember to be honest.

After saying all that though, if I were you I'd just go and get your leaves reset properly. That is what I'll be doing, as I don't like the idea or look of lowering blocks. Having them reset is just a safer, more legit way to go about it, and will go down a lot better with the po po.


As for the front, I have HSD weld on coilover kit (7kg springs) on RT142 struts w/ hubs and discs, KYB Excel G 365077 inserts (want to upgrade to KYB AGX adjustables), T3 camber tops & needle bearing top hat, T3 RCA's, T3 steering arms, T3 rose-jointed tie rods, RA60 Celica rack ends (30mm longer) and I'm pretty sure they're ke35 LCA's (same as xt130 I believe). This is probably way overkill for a street car, but it came up cheap as a package so I grabbed it. This hasn't been fitted to my car yet, but came out of a ke70 sedan and apparently worked well. I guess time will tell.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help with, cheers.

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So bit of an update, and I've changed the direction in which the build is going. I decided to go down the 4age route to give it a bit more go and allow for turbo upgrades down the track. Adding up the cost of parts required to do it myself to the desired standard blew out quickly, and a bolt in 16v 4age package came up locally soon after I got my insurance pay out from my motorbike. So I grabbed it.

16v smallport 4age, Injection perfection ITB's, 1zzfe coil pack conversion, Tomei cam gears, Clear cam timing cover, Lightweight engine pulleys, new timing belt, Exedy hd clutch, T50 w/ ajps shifter rebuild, Hidden haltech wiring loom, Haltech Sprint 500, Powder coated black rocker covers, full custom mandrel bent mild steel exhaust to suit E7 sedan over diff in 2 1/4" (needs modification to fit into wagon), bosch 040 fuel pump, in-tank lift pump, 3.5L surge tank. I have basically bought an ae71 crossmember and tailshaft, and have a few options for the pedal box, but just lack the funds at the moment.

post-15622-0-01342700-1411382351_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-39533500-1411386748_thumb.jpg


I also got some paint mixed up, tried to match the Holden Alto grey without metallic, but it ended up being too light and looking like primer. So I'm just going to get it tinted darker and add some metallic and hopefully it'll be all sweet. Smoothed over the spot welds on the strut towers, painted the bay and a guard and test fitted it up. Almost decided to run with it but wasn't 100% happy.


post-15622-0-60491800-1411383026_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-68112200-1411383132_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-68183000-1411386541_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-39737000-1411383392_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-74500500-1411383502_thumb.jpgpost-15622-0-72004000-1411383557_thumb.jpg


Also test painted the panel in a darker metallic grey that a mate had, it's closer to what I want but it's a tad too dark.. I like how it looks under lights in the first one, but not the rest. And a comparison of the two.


post-15622-0-25041800-1411384359_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-66950300-1411384531_thumb.jpgpost-15622-0-69105400-1411384639_thumb.jpg


Also knocked up a little brace for the front end, same width as between strut towers. Doesn't work too well, but you get the idea.




I now need to pull the fuel system out again and try swap all the fuel pumps and lines over from the sedan setup. I bought an ebay special compressor for $360+90 postage, 3hp, belt driven, single cylinder, 50L tank, advertised as 12cfm so I'm hoping for at least 8. It wasn't at a particular psi so can't be sure how good it'll be. I'll most likely piggy back it with my supercheap 120 compressor anyway. Also looking to buy this freestanding blasting cabinet for $250, looks decent. If you sign up and spend over $300, you get $50 off. Covers shipping at least.


post-15622-0-69049600-1411386366_thumb.jpg post-15622-0-08437400-1411385826_thumb.jpg


So that's it for now, hopefully I'll have the bay painted, and the motor, suspension, steering and fuel system in by the next update.

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Not too much to update, finally got crossmember and tailshaft sorted, just needs to be cleaned up and painted. Also picked up the fuel system, but haven't been able to drop my tank to see if the in-tank lift pump can swap over from the sedan setup, so nothing has really happened there.

Got my compressor and it's much better. Way faster to pump back up and holds around 60psi solid, so I'm happy.


Just need to sort out the pedalbox, whether I buy the kit, an ae71 one or mod my own.. We'll see I guess.

Still waiting to get the paint tinted, worried I'll get it wrong again so keep putting it off. I'll get this blast cabinet soon and hopefully I'll be able to get some coin on the side from doing little jobs for mates, we'll see how that goes too I guess

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  • 2 weeks later...

Genreal encouragement post.

Look to be doing good work dude, can't wait for more updates.


Cheers mate, appreciate it.


Well I got my blasting cabinet and I'm absolutely loving it. Piece of cake to clean stuff up now, no sitting round scrubbing grease for days. Just need a shop vac to suck out the airborne dust to improve visibility, as you can hardly see a thing at the moment.

So I've been starting to clean parts up again, blasted steering arms, tie rods and bolts, didn't come up too bad after a quick go




Also finally got around to pulling the pedal box out, and by jesus that was a mission. While its all out I'll clean everything behind there, replace all the foam seals in the blower system, run the wiring harness/ecu and neaten it all up.




Also swapped the lift pump from the sedan tank, needed a bit of modding to get it in there nicely but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Need to get a smaller surge tank, not sure whether to go the ajps option which bolts into a ke wagon with integrated pump mount, or to get a small 600ml pot and fit it up under there somewhere. Leaning towards the ajps option, do it once and do it right. Anyone have any input?

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So I bought a 100x100x100mm surge tank off ebay, but I'm struggling to find a spot to mount it.. Does anyone have any pointers here? Really don't want to have any of the fuel system in the boot/cabin.

I've almost finished rubbing the engine bay back again as I've decided to get a mates dad to just respray it that same grey again, I got overspray everywhere, and my paint couldn't be tinted :n: so that should hopefully get done within the next few weeks. Need to finish blasting the crossmember ready for paint too, bit awkward in my cabinet though.

I'll be buying one of the pedal box kits in the next week or so too. So it's been pretty slow as usual, bur hopefully things will start happening soon.

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Pedal box is being made, should be here next week, crossmember and tailshaft cleaned and painted,in the process of cleaning engine mounts, alternator gearbox etc, still struggling with the fuel setup though...

But I'm going to dynamat, does anyone have any experience or recommendations as to how much I'll need and what does/doesn't need to be covered? Want it to sound as solid a possible with as little rattles.. Also, cheapest place to buy it from?


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I got my pedal box, new slave, master and braided line thanks to jordanrolla the other day so I'm pretty stoked on that. I reckon I'll blast it and give it a coat of paint to stop any rust before it goes in though.




I've cleaned up all the blower gear and ducting, also replaced all the crumbling foam in the seals. Drilled the firewall and scraped all the old cracked sound deadening off and scrubbed it all clean with wire wheels and scotch-brite, best shit ever. So it's basically ready for the dynamat to go in that I got last week :y: Also this is the surge tank I bought, think I've found a spot at the rear, behind where the bumper will go



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I have pics in my old thread somewhere, I just cut one sides mount of the surge tank.


Not sure if wagons have same floor pan!


Ahh sweet, at least I know it should work then. Could only find a picture of the tank itself in your thread, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Might even cut both of them off and make a metal strap to hold it or something.

As far as I'm aware wagons and sedans aren't the same due to different fuel tanks and rear suspension setups, Never really stuck my head under a sedan.. was hoping it'd just bolt up in front of the main tank or near the fuel filler, but cubes aren't the easiest shape to get under there nicely..reckon I will need to grind at least one of the mounts off to get it to tuck up neatly.

Debating whether to go braided fuel lines or not, I like the look but fittings add up quick..

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Realised I needed to grind away some of the clutch cable mount on the firewall for the master cyl to clear, so I decided to just remove it all. Probably could have ground off the leftover ring too, but didn't want to run the risk of putting any more holes in the firewall.




Also finished spraying the front wheel well with sound deadener, just gave it a quick once over with scotch-brite and lay it on. Not sure how much it'll do at suppressing noise, but it's all clean and black so I'm happy




Had a mate and his dad round today to have a look at the engine bay, his dad's going to spray it for me for a coupla of cartons. I got heaps of overspray and am just generally over it, I want the motor in and it rolling to keep me motivated. Driving my girlfriends auto kio rio is getting a little boring... So that should happen real soon.


But before that I have to make mounts for my new alloy rad, and to do that I need to put the bonnet back on to check for clearance.. fun. Anyone got any detail pics of how you mounted a bigger rad to a ke70? I just got one of those 4age alloy ones that are all over ebay. Under $140 posted, cheers :y:

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Keep going dude. Try not to rush it too much because it look like the work you are doing is to a good standard.



A couple of bits of scrap metal with holes in both ends for bolts do wonders for mounting rads and fans, just do it neatly. Cheap and effective.

If you bought an AE71 one though, it should fit with minimal convincing.

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yeah I'm getting there slowly, cheers man.

A mate came over and we think we've come up with a nice and easy way to mount the rad whilst hopefully looking clean. Bit hard to explain, but want threaded rod or bolt to to pass through a hole in the front headlight panel (secured with nuts and washers either side) then bend at a right angle horizontally and fit into a custom grommet inside the arched stock mounts on either side of the top of the radiator. Then for the bottom just have a simple bracket with a hole and grommet for the bottom pins to sit into.


Yeah I didn't even think of an ae71 one for some reason :/ still thinking about sticking this on gumtree and trying to get my money back, then get the 3row ae71 rad..we'll see though..

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Finally got around to making the rad mounts, ended up basically doing as I said above. Think it should be fine, seemed pretty solid, but might put a split pin through the bottom radiator mount to make sure it doesn't pop up and out, can't see that it will, but better to be safe than sorry I guess. Just need to make a tighter fitting top grommet out of harder rubber too, just using fuel hose at the moment.




Had a mate come over tonight and layed down a coat of primer on the engine bay once again, bloody hope its the last time for that before the colour goes on. Nice to have it back to the one colour at least.

Also ordered myself an Arcan 1800kg low profile aluminium trolley jack, so pretty keen to get that after using the wind up ones all this time. Will certainly make life a bit easier

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