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Haz's Ke15 Sprinter


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On 7/23/2018 at 1:18 PM, Jono.C said:

Your list is pretty much same as mine. 

I sorted my bar mounts on the weekend. 

Ive also ordered some seatbelts. I’ll let you know part number once they’re in and working etc 

Cheers Jono, most likely to go for the ones I've already bought as it'd be a shame to see them go to waste. Also, they're retractable which I don't mind. But that said, it'd definitely be a good plan B!

On 7/24/2018 at 10:21 AM, boingk said:

Nice one mate, she looks awesome! The Hotwires suit it really well and the brightwork is excellent. 

Keep up the good stuff.

 - boingk

Thanks heaps mate, appreciate it! :)

On 7/27/2018 at 6:47 PM, bruce said:

What seat belt brand did you guys get? Any comments on fitment and quality?

I got a set of ""universal'' retractable seat-belts. Fitment is a zero, but I will be making brackets so that mine will work. Quality looks great, good quality sash and the buckles etc all look and work as they should! 

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G'day again everyone, time for another update.

Exhaust is now complete, and sounding great. 
I got a permit to drive the car to my mate's house to get it done, which was a good night in itself.
My friend Joel and I had the intention to complete it together one weekend, but unfortunately he forgot to pick up the parts to build it on the Friday. 
Even worse so, I had to attend TAFE at the northern end of my state and couldn't swing by after work each day to come help.
But, nonetheless I managed to get a bit done on that weekend. 

I replaced the original radiator with a dual core aluminium one from Worley, on eBay. That eliminated the problem of my alternator running wayyy too close to the bottom radiator hose. Now, with a 90degree-ish bend to keep it up and out of the way. Plus, it looks nice and shiny. Bonus!

The exhaust itself is 2 inch all the way to the muffler, and then a 2 1/4 inch tip, because apparently it looks tougher according to Joel! no complaints from me, either. 
I really do like the sound of it, too. 

I have also (hopefully) sourced a set of seat-belts from a KE20, ready for rego. Yet to fix my front bumper mounts, but shouldn't stop rego. 
Sounding good, looking good, happy days. 
I'll let the photos do the speaking!





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What a long time it's been since I have updated this thread. 

We are long overdue for an update, basically I got it registered and have been so busy enjoying it I didn't stop to tell you all about it! 😛

I'll summarise my modifications that have happened to get the car to where it is now, and then I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. 

In relatively chronological order: 
Mk1 Golf front lip
Changed up between wheel sets a number of times, went to 13x7 hotwires after rego but then swapped between those and widened steelies, eventually landing with the spitfires. 
32/36 Weber carburettor 
Black carpet installed
Led dash lights, didn't do much lol
Aftermarket Tacho and guages
Seats from a 1995 integra
KE55 5 Speed gearbox swap
"Heavy duty" clutch
KE20 centre console and eBay clock to fill the gap
LED semi sealed headlights fitted. -Amber ring wired as additional indicator.
Car was tuned, and dynoed. Made a WHOPPING 39.1 kw or 52.4 horsepower.
KE55 brakes with slotted/dimpled rotors
Custom coilover kit with adjustable camber tops
Adjustable rear shocks
Removed transverse leaf spring
Repainted a bunch of badges, the grill, fuel flap etc etc
Saas boss kit and suede steering wheel

...and then I bought the 4age.
Time for the next big adventure!





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