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What Grinds My Gears.

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Awesome!!! I'm not the only one that likes teaching those idiots by blocking their drivers door.
I'd have to agree with the parking thing. But if i have to park next to them I take a photo of their car next to mine so I can track them down later. Sometimes I try to pull up really close to them.

i have numerous photo's of illegally parked cars from my job. most are just people parking on the end of the aisle or on the outside of a bend, a few have trolleys against their doors. the best ones are those with parking fines on their windshield tho :P


Oh and HIGHWAY ONRAMPS!! Why the f@$k can't anyone speed up for them. And what annoys me the most is when they stop and try to look for on opening when the f@$kING SPEED LIMIT IS 100km/h!!! Again, I find that Asians and women do this a lot.

That said I hate it when people won't let you merge by just being courteous and popping over to the right lane.

Tho I hate it when people push in down the left lane in traffic/intersections when they know their lane ends.

there's a great one when going from the center of town onto the highway leading to the city, its just a one way road for about 500m then it merges onto the highway. its a 90km/h zone, and most of the people slow down to 20 or 30 and look while driving in the emergency stopping lane with their indicator on, even when there's no traffic coming down the highway! man they all frigging suck!

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People who don't line up behind me at the traffic lights. Like I watch in the rear view and wonder if they think I'm not going to take off fast enough as I'm driving an old shitter. Then the light turns green and I blow them all away.


Same thing, People don't line up behind me in my Corona, Then snap I'm gone and they are left in a cloud of smoke.


People that sit on my arse when I'm doing the speed limit then don't overtake when we hit the passing lanes, Also in the passing lanes people that move over early and cut you off coz they don't want to be passed, Well do the speed limit cock knocker.

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Just went for a drive and some shit head reminded me of another thing that irritates me.

Sitting behind people at the traffic lights in a turning lane. The arrow goes green and they take so long to take off that you can't get through the light change. GRR


And while on the subject of traffic lights, lights that make you stop and wait in the middle of the night until another car comes in the opposite direction just to make them stop!! GRR

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this is the best idea - damn I love to vent.


First up - Ignorance. I hate ignorant pricks. shut up. piss off. Simple.


Second - Ebay heroes misusing the "ask seller a question" button. No kidding this bloke advertises a schmicko TA22 celica, with an original 83000kms on it. some choad decides to lecture him about "mate youre dreaming if you reckon that car is original 83000kms cos its speedo is in miles no way could it only have 83k km etc etc...." Check again idiot - plain and simple, theres a PICTURE OF THE SPEEDO IN KMS AND IT SAYS 83000kms. Wanker. There was another one of a dude berating a guy for listing his model A hotrod weight as 1800 pounds when his totally different car weighs 3100 pounds so clearly 1800 pounds is not possible......


That button is there sou you can ask a seller a question (shipping, postage, condition etc). Its not a forum for crying out loud!


third - Porsche drivers. By this I mean the a typical, mid 50's, couldnt drive a finger up his ass without hurtin himself type. Met this dude at a party in the country with a brand new one, he's braggin about his drive up there how he pushed it thru the hills etc and hit 160 whoopty f@$king doo, what a driver! only reason he's got it is cos he's impressing his country club wanker mates.


My dark secret, I have '78 911sc in the shed, and I drive it like I stole it (I look like I stole it too, shaved head, hoody). I bought it cos its a sick car to drive, I've always loved em, and I love drivin it. pisses me off that I get lumped with the tosser porsche stereotype damnit.

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My dark secret, I have '78 911sc in the shed


coolest shape, how much did that cost ya? also why drive a corolla if you have that lol!



also cause you mentioned that i hate all those people associated with prestige cars in general. those people that are like ferraris are the coolest and fastest car in the world, they don't know any better. a worked off its head vl or something would kick a ferrari in its big red balls.


and people who say 'ferraris are the best to get girls'. but all i have to say is, people who say that don't know how to talk to girls. you don't need a mad car to grab chicks, all you need is confidence.


and lastly hyundai excels, for me they're so frequent and in your face its just annoying, much like how a prostitute must feel about penis.

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I've found that it's a lot safer to just turn down the first side street when i see a 4X4 approaching, from ANY direction.

They're are in their OWN little frigg'n world up there. :P


Yes we are, and the view into convertables in summer is mighty fine.


Some of us do own 4X4's for a good reason though.

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Amen ^^




I also have festering hatred for little women in large 4wds... they're dangerous...


You know, back in his day, Paul Keating tried to push through legislation that required ALL drivers of vehicles over 2 tonne (ie: fullsize SUV) to hold an LR licence... personally I liked the idea as it would mean that the aforementioned little women would have to be trained in operating a large vehicle and the how differently they must be driven, as opposed to the mazda 121 they used to drive.


Unfortunately the bill didn't float... so we still have thousands of ill-equipped drivers of 2 tonne death machines cruising the suburbs (gentlemen included) with no idea how to reverse with mirrors, park, brake well in advance, use merging lanes, or slow down for corners.


The training for an LR licence covers all of these things and more, and can be done in a few hours... after that its just practice.

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Yes we are, and the view into convertables in summer is mighty fine.


Some of us do own 4X4's for a good reason though.

I agree Rob & i rarely run from the muddy bigfoot types(60series',GQ's,old Hilux's). :P

It's more commonly the 5 ft ex 121 drivers who are to blame...

I rarely see their Prado's, 100 series', ML Merc's etc... covered in the fun stuff.....

They don't want to ruin their 20" Bling chromies :D

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Might I add to my list of irritating things. I hate it when parents buy their kids brand new cars. I know this guy who's parents bought him a brand new commerdore with all the perks when he was 18. It even had his name in personalised plates. He ended up selling that to buy himself a 200sx.

I went to school with another bloke who's parents bought him a brand new 200sx. He took it to a party where it got f@$king trashed.

Friends of the family bought their kid a brand new car. He was in a road rage incident with a gang where the car was mangled. Insurance replaced it and shortly after that he totaled it.

My solution, buy your kids a shitter, they shouldn't have a high powered car for their first car. They usually end up crashing them.

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