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What Grinds My Gears.

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F#*#*n oath Jon. :y:

You really care a lot more when you work hard, and get your hands dirty, to have a car on the road.

You always think of the money YOU will lose if you crash the f"""n thing. :yes:

I know i heard my wallet screaming at me on that roundabout near Cleveland Pt :D

(April Fool's Cruise) :P

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Members dont see this ad

Now I Ride a "Baby" Motor cycle (honda 250) , and I ride it like no one can see me. some people will over take me and the cut me off. This is normal till you get your big bike.


But i have had 5 or 6 car pull out in front off me with out even looking and I have had to lock it up and swerve into oncoming cars. All of the cock heads in 4X4. ALL OF THEM 4X4


Not to sound like i only hate 4X4, I hate bundy utes.

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coolest shape, how much did that cost ya? also why drive a corolla if you have that lol!


haha - ~25k it cost me. Its very tight mechanically, but theres paint blemishes here and there, which is what I was looking for. Depending on what the value does, it might strip her and paint her, otherwise i might just sell and upgrade to a turbo in a couple of years.


The corolla - its my daily/parts chaser/learning curve. 911 is fun, but I don't want to commute in it every day and put unneccesary miles on the clock!


You really care a lot more when you work hard, and get your hands dirty, to have a car on the road.


no shit - little rich kids. I busted my ass to buy my 911, but little pricks these days get whatever daddy gets told to buy them.


and they can't drive.


Given how much trouble I used to get myself into in a 1.3 saturn powered Galant, I would be dead had I got a more powerful car...!

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Sorry dude they are for boosted cars, Turbo or supercharged.


I hate VN's with VT body kits, YUCK, Its even worse when they have their knuckles draggin on the ground or they are sitting in the rear with 2 meters of arm stretch just to drive and those beanies look awesome in the summer....BOGANS.


But i have to admit that when they pull up beside u and you flog em in an exhaust only twincam corolla cause then you realise that they are only a good car for stealing and doin skids in your local industrial estate.


You just described a mate of a mate, he's pretty cool though and it has a fairly worked v8 in it so its acceptable :P



people who can't park to save their life, park in a non-designated car park, or do it intentionally so that no-one will park next to them to prevent damage to their cars. i try my best to park next to those that miss parking inside the lines. i try to get within an inch of their drivers door if at all possible. as for those that do it deliberately, a shopping trolley or three resting against their cars is a great way to show that their parking sucks. as for those that park in a non-car park, a simple letter saying "THIS AIN'T A PARK f@$kHEAD" is effective. or just drawing on their windscreen with lipstick :D


can you tell i work at a major shopping center, out in the gardens and car parks??!


I used to take up 2 parks in the mr2, and if i caught you doin anything to it I would smash you in the face, i don't care if it results in me getting into a fight and endin up a veg or dead, its about respect you NEVER touch another persons car. Well unless they are a rapist or something!

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I just hate those people who act like the rules of society don't apply to their behavior. Like the people who do the shopping and can't walk the extra 10metres with the trolley and just dump it behind my car. The whole attitude of, I must be seen to be doing the right thing, even though I'm not. If no-ones watching, ill steal/rob/kill/humiliate/bully/cheat/be lazy, but I will lecture you when I catch you doing the same.


Also, those people who drive in such a way as to weave constantly and try to maintain about 15klm/hr faster than everyone else on a busy motor way. Two words. BRAKE CHECK. I take pride in boxing, blocking and brake checking them. When they start tailgating me the fun begins. So fun. And the assholes who pull up in the bus only lanes, to avoid the cue at the traffic lights. I throw 20 cent pieces at their paintwork.

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Might I add to my list of irritating things. I hate it when parents buy their kids brand new cars. I know this guy who's parents bought him a brand new commodore with all the perks when he was 18. It even had his name in personalised plates. He ended up selling that to buy himself a 200sx.

I went to school with another bloke who's parents bought him a brand new 200sx. He took it to a party where it got f@$king trashed.

Friends of the family bought their kid a brand new car. He was in a road rage incident with a gang where the car was mangled. Insurance replaced it and shortly after that he totaled it.

My solution, buy your kids a shitter, they shouldn't have a high powered car for their first car. They usually end up crashing them.

Usually, A friend well not really a friend but someone i have to associate with was bought a evo 7 for their 1st car, Which in my mind is like giving him a loaded gun to play with but he is a responsible kid and the car scares the shit out of him and so it should and yes it pisses me off aswell.


My phone pisses me off, Looses reception in the city for f@$k sake, Turns itself off with half a battery left, Camera lens fell out, Hinge is f@$ked but thats partly my fault, and Motorola wants me to drive to mt Gravat for them to have it for a few weeks f@$k that. Going back to a black and white screen nokia when my plan ends.


People that hear my car has a V6 in it and want to race me from a set of lights, I say no 70% of the time coz its the wrong place or I'm not interested in beating another XR8 and when i say no they abuse me rip a skid and leave. Wanker's

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/begin rant


Well firstly, after watching the news tonight and hearing about another P plate crash that cost 4 guys lives, I decided that it would be a good place to vent some rage about how much I hate P-plate-driving-"professionals" in commodores. 99.9% of them are absolute tossers and think that they are are king shit because they can do some fully sick screechy-screechy wheel action infront of you or think they are hektic dr1f7er5. I swear everytime I hear of a P plate crash on the news, it is a P plater behind the wheel of a commonwhore who has been going 50kmph over the speed limit who wrapped the car around a tree or telephone pole killing his passengers. Gives me the shits as they are the cause of us P plater's bad reputation.


Secondly, I get pissed off by people who give way at round abouts when they should be going through them. :P Some people seem to think that you give way to your left at roundabouts, which just creates much confusion and horn beeping. L2drive :D


Third and finally, soccer mums in 4x4s = bad. period.


/end rant



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I have two things...


/ start rant


firstly, cyclists that pedal away on the road making it difficult to safely pass them (on coming traffic etc.,) then you do pass them, then at the traffic lights they go up on the kerb and go across the pedestrian lights and then go back on the road where you have to navigate past them AGAIN!!! Sometimes I just want to run them over, but then I'd damage my car...


secondly, on dual lanes (two up, two down) people who slow down for a left hand turn then take it REALLY wide and go half way into the right hand lane, how hard is it to turn left from the left hand lane for craps sake???!!!


/ end rant


Lesley :P

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I hate people that stereotype Commodore V8 bogans. I drive a V8 commodore on my p's. Get off them in 3 months, and I still have all of my points, and the only fines I've received are from canaries.


However, of my mates:


1) 230 in a 110 zone - AU Falcon Wagon

2) 190 in a 100 zone - Honda Legend

3) 130 in a 40 zone - AU Falcon Ute

4) 160 in a 110 zone - VR V6 Commodore

5) 170 in a 110 zone - Nissan Navara (2007 model, fully optioned... Very nice)

6) 160 in a 50 zone - VH SL/E 308 Commodore (1000rpm past the redline, it's the fastest you can go with 4.11 diff gears and a T350)

7) Nearly killed myself and two mates by wrapping his Holden Combo around a tree at 110. 95% of the reason I am a safe, paranoid driver.

8) Has hit 3 poles with my old VH SL/E stroker

9) 100 in a 60 zone - KE30 Corolla

10) Fishtailing the eastern freeway outbound, line to line - RX7 Series 1 13bt


So that's just 10 of my mates that have lost their licences for 12+ months. Note the variety in cars, including a rolla?


I f@$king hate other drivers. Hate them.

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As much as cyclists may annoy me, Motorbikes annoy me when they cruise down between the lanes. Sometimes if i see them coming i close the gap between the lanes.


Oh and another small thing that annoys is "/" means end. So when saying "/Start Rant & /End Rant" its saying End Start Rant and End End Rant.


But thats just me. Smalls things tick me off.

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The P-plater that now owns my wife's old rolla, the kid looks all off ten and yesterday we seen him doing 50-60k's in a busy car park while it was pissing down rain. Drove round to were he parked and it's now covered in gay bumper stickers and has fluffy dice on the mirror :D




I see him around a bit and he drives like a f@$king tool, seen him cruise round a corner and dumped the clutch mid corner then torque steer towards oncoming traffic


What a nob :P

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