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Fuel Economy

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Hi All


I have a 1980 KE55 Sedan with a stocko 4K-C in front of a stocko 5 speed.


She drinks too much for my liking. 400km will be 48L or so, and it doesn't really change much whether I have a bad case of lead-foot-itis, or i granny drive her. Thats city driving though. She comes down to about 40L for 400km of highway.


I have changed oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs. I use normal Unleaded and FlashLube fuel treatment.


She's got plenty of power. I don't need any more power.


What are some ways I can make her drink less without losing power, and without costing the earth?

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Yeah, i don't feel like killing her to save a few bucks.


I know the fuel economy ain't too bad, but after driving Nana's new Toyota Echo Automatic, and having 300km cost me $18 in her, i just wanted one.


The only other place you get that kind of saving is LPG.


How do you tune a 4K-C? What numbers do i need?

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Vaccuum Guage Install - Cheap


Get the Carby rebuilt and rejetted if necessary - Cheap


These should get you well on your way to fuel savings


My grandad has a Vacuum guage in his VH Dunnydore. Does it tell you fuel economy?


How much is cheap?


And how much is cheap for a carby rebuild?

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No mods whatsoever.


I am a computer technician. I have no real Idea about cars.


I know how to change oil, oil filter, spark plugs, spark plug leads, battery, air filter, coolant but thats about it.


I would not be game to rip off my carby.


If i could get 450km from 40L I would be over the moon.


I don't even get that on the highway.

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Well, my Camry (3SFE, 2L) does just under 600km of mostly highway driving, on a tank of approx 55L. It does about 500-550ish km of city driving on the same tank. Towing a trailer, I got less than 300km on the same tank. Mostly because I had to rev each gear out a fair bit, and even doing 90km on the highway I had to sit in 4th gear, unless I was going downhill. On the steeper hills it was back to 3rd...


My Corolla (4AGE), I have no idea because I've never run the tank much below 1/4...

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I get 400-450km out of a tank of petrol in my KE70, most of my driving is highway driving, though I'm never easy on the throttle, always giving it lots of stick. I recon I could still get about another 50-100kms out of the tank if I was game enough to run the car from the empty mark down..

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i'd check the exhaust just to make sure you haven't got a blocked muffler, i know adding electronic ignition helps, they start easier and are i little more fuel friendly.


i had a camry at use to do 550km to a tank around twon and almost 650 on the hi way, trying to remenber why i sold it.

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Anyone interested in doing a coil pack conversion on a K motor :dance: Ive got some CA18 parts that would work beeautifully. Ive seen the CA18 CAS (crank angle sensor) grafted onto a datsun distrubutor before...but I can't find the pics of it anymore :D

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