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Parts Car Appreciation Thread.

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Members dont see this ad

hq ute - free

87 barina - free

bluebird sedan x2 - free (one of these was too good, so instead of scrappin it i put it over pits and drove it for bout 4 months before i likked it)

bluebird wagon - $20

ke55 - $150

ae92 - $80

UC torana - free

83 pulsar - free


theres probably more :P

id post pics, but I'm on a different computer, so later

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So unbelievably jealous!


Then you'll love this!

Today I was up at a family owned shack in a small town here in Tassie.

Drove past the local tip, something caught my eye. Turned out to be an ae71 flipped upside down and emergency services used it as a practice car to cut off the roof so it was in a bad state.


Anyway i decided to ask how much he wanted for the diff, because i couldnt get to anything else at the time. He told me about an ae71 out the back as well and after i checked it out, drove it around the paddock i was pretty pleased with it. Runs perfect, good interior, bit of rust but a straight body, so i asked him what he was after for it, and he said $100 and you can take the diff and the ae71. Yeah i might take it then...


Anyway i drove it home on the backroads unregistered and it has about twice the power of my 4k so i'm swapping the all running gear into the ke70. Maybe later in life il go 4age.

Its only done 234xxxkms which is nothing for a corolla and the body is straight it runs really well so i would almost sell it for a good $700 or more easy but i want 4ac power!

And here is my $100 ae71!



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