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The Rwd 2Az-Fe Thread.


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Thanks mate.


With no car at home to work on right now, I've taken some time to polish up the engine covers for some extra visual appeal.


Since the front engine cover is no longer used to mount the engine, I die ground the ribs away from the mounting boss and smoothed it over. Its all polished out and cleans up the look of the cover. I still have the three holes there if I ever wanted to mount anything there.


What you reckon? This was done by first filing and die grinding the casting dags away, hitting it with an orbital sander with 80, then 150 then 320 grit paper, then buffing with with 800, then 1000, then 2000 wet n dry. Then a final rub over with a green sourer pad and then buffed with compound on and 8 inch polishing wheel. Stage 1 wheel coarse rag and mild wax compound, then the fine calico cloth and the fine compound. The front cover took about 6 hours all up, the top I spent about an hour on, I was better at it by then.


Considering the minimal equipment needed and that it only costs time, presenting something like this should be mandatory!



Top Cover Before:



Top Cover after:



Front cover polished with ribs machined away:






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Just had word that my car is being finished off at the moment at the shop.


Should have it back in a week or two with the full exhaust, cage, mod plates, tailshaft, boot floor repaired and all the rust gone. I'm so ʞ©$ɟing excited!


I have bought a pair of side skirts for it as well, as I intend to run a lip and it will bring it down to a similar level, plus I think 86s' look naked without them.

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