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Members dont see this ad

they are very cleaver.


for about the first half of the first video i thought it was genuine. but then i reread the video title.


this is interesting.




note i don't want to start a war on real vs china wheels. be nice to know the weight of the thing they dropped on the wheels.

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for a ltitle bit more than $1000, you could buy 2 ae86 struts, 2 coilover kits. 2 camber plates, 2 bilstein B6 shocks.


have the shocks valved appropriatly to your spring and be 10x more comfortable than the guys with BC shocks, and prolly go a fair bit quicker too...


or don't worry about the coilvoer kit if you don't intend on adjusting them. and it should cost you less than those BCs.


i put BC in the category of "cheap crappy japanese or chinease coilover"


in my experience, unless you are full into drifting (ie don't want any grip at all), a good percentage of the jap/chinease coilvoers have rubbish shocks, not designed to control the wheel/tyre....just designed to stop your car bouncing off the track with the 24kg springs that come with them.


8kg really is too hard for a ke70, i tried it, it was garbage.


Lol or you could just do that.

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Going to look at another *E7* tomorrow, this one has a 4AGE. I bet it's totally rusty though.

I never realised how neat my blue KE70 was until I started looking to buy another one. People try and sell some seriously crummy, overpriced cars.

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