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ok i think we should have a collection of handy websites.

websites that are corolla related engine wise exterior interior etc etc.

doesn't necesseraly have to be model specific i could just be a site that sell parts super cheap.



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Members dont see this ad

This site has mainly body panels: bonnets, guards, mirrors etc.




Ignore the 'username' and 'password' section, you can search parts without them. All the stuff on that site can be ordered through Supercheap Auto and possibly Repco etc.


For the noobs:




Gives an idea of how the wheels and tyres you are looking at buying will fit on your car.




American site that sells performance parts for old corollas and AE86s etc.




Sells performance parts for old Toyotas.

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You need to realise that if we pinned every thread that was useful, there'd be pages and pages of pinned threads before you got to anything current. Ok, an exaggeration but I try to keep the number of pinned threads to a need-to-be basis so you don't have to scroll through stuff you're not usually interested in to get to what you want.



It also tends to make threads invisible...





Annnyway, I'll find somewhere to stick it.

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Mostly deals with the colour codes. Some of the links work some don't

And don't forget "scionlife" also has a thread on the forum toyota-corolla-4th-gen-color-spec-chart



Welcome to ToyoDIY.com!

ToyoDIY.com is a website dedicated to Toyota, Lexus and Scion enthusiasts and home mechanics. This site is the centralized repository for answers to all your car-related questions, such as repair procedures of various levels of difficulty (from an oil change to transmission swaps), modifications (also known as "mods"), general information, part information and much more.


Maintaining your vehicle yourself not only saves you the aggravation of being misunderstood by your mechanic, but can also give you the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done, and/or from saving a bunch of money, whichever is important to you.


Note, however, that depending on your level of experience, working on a car may be dangerous. You should always observe safety precautions which are specific to the car and the task being performed.






En Zeds version of rollaclub, only better in way.



A forum for the owners of the 3t-c motor. And also by the looks of it the 2rz and 3rz motors



Online workshop manual for the 1970-87 model corolla and the 3k-c, 2t-c, 3t-c, 4a series and 1c.


These "Handy sites" only rolla related ? Or can they be of other sites as well ??



DIY ITR Wheel Alignment Simple Strings. Just a DIY version of

http://www.smartraci...g/alignment.htm - SmartStrings



The instructables version of the camber gauge.


I think adding it to the FAQ sounds promising, gets it away from being pinned and using up valuable header space. Just would have to work out how the links would be organized for it to really work.

But idea with adding it to the FAQ at the same time is going to hide it from the average user cause they don't bother looking in the FAQ.

But the biggest question is of making sure the links are still up to date from time to time.

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Click on Technical Articles


Subjects covered:

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Electrical

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Engine Performance OBD

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Engine Performance OBD-II

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Hybrid

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Hybrid Diagnosis

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Automatic Transmissions

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Electrical (623 Training Course)

Technical Articles

Toyota Series - Brakes

Technical Articles

Web Series - these are the online instruction modules from this site

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Just came across this toyota site, It's very interesting and has some specs on corollas like weights, power etc, but it has Toyotas whole line up of cars from 1936 - 2012


I also go to this site for brochures, service manuals and owners manual scans. Has other cool stuff too


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