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Why Do You Think We Need A Govt??

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Religion is an important part of many people's private life, but like the last 400 Christian years there is no reason to have it involved in politics. The libertarian's basic tenant about the non-initiation of force means people/Govt could neither force you to take notice of a religion nor ban it. If we're working with people's rational self-interest to make society work then religion comes a distinct second place to politics, as 'rational' doesn't fit at all !


The Americans are pretty weird, but I think their ideas of the Church doing charity and not the Govt is important. The idea that some people can be robbed at gunpoint to support other people is the opposite of voluntary charity.


Their Constitution was stunning at the time and wrote down some very clear rules of how a Govt should relate to its people, yet they have burnt it to ashes in the time since. The French also started off with great ideas yet now they are a Socialist basket-case. However they have been enough to demonstrate that a vaguely free-market capitalism is the best way to advance people's standard of living compared to a theorcracy like a Muslim country.

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As bad as it is I have seen this coming for a couple years now and I'm still under 21. Some good 'fiction' books on the matter is '1981'? (Can't remember might have had a bit to drink already :D) and a whole series of books by a guy with the alias 'Al Steiner'. His books pretty much is about how the government a) Removes all rights for the actual people of that country and B) Falls into the hands of the corporations so that any choice made by the Government is in correspondance with the needs of the company. (Which coincidentally falls into the new Cars system for the Motor Companies).

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Ah, "1984" by George Orwell... A very clear look into the future from 1948 when he wrote it. That, and his "Animal Farm" should both be textbooks at school!


Plough your way through "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand sometime, also about where Govts are heading with the way they stymie business and run everyone's life.


If this is the Al Steiner you mean I'll read some of his work. Ta.



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Wow. Can't remember writing this last night. Yeah thats him on wiki, Just a heads up before you start that all of his books are like adult, erotica stuff. I didn't read his books for that part and they still make sense if you just skip those.


'Greenies' would be the book that mostly shows the corporations screwing over the government while Doing it all over shows more the money cutting in Government.

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Well well.... more censorship of ideas by the Left Wing... not that the other bunch of parasites will recind these laws when they get in at the next election. This is not Left versus Right, it is Govt versus The People.


So, Rollaclub will have more than 15000 hits I'm sure, so any opinions expressed on here about CO2, global warming, modern cars, anti-pollution gear... they will all be sifted through and measured by your masters.


I'm sorry, WHY do we need a Govt agin?


The Communications minister Stephen Conroy has released proposals for a Government-funded body to regulate media in Australia including newsprint, radio, TV and internet sites reaching down to the smallest blogs including this one. A blog will be included if it passes a threshold of 15,000 hits a year which will include all the climate realist blogs I know. The political bent of the committee preparing the report can be seen in it's view that the ABC with it's gaggle of left-wing journalists is unbiased. The report says the new body will be independent and arms-length from the government which funds it. This will obviously work in the same manner as the "independent" Fair Work Australia which is stuffed full of appointed union heavies and fellow travellers , and sits in judgement over unions and employers.
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This is long, but it explains a lot of ideas that people don't think about enough. Why SHOULD the Govt be making laws every year, taking over more and more of our life and decisions... we didn't civilise the world under this system!


Just as the carbon tax is about to hit you, it might be time to look at alternatives to the way we run this place! THREE layers of Govt and their parasites to start with!


Its from the Mises Institute, a grea place to look through if you are interested in your place in the sheep flock that is society.






Libertarians and classical liberals have long sought to explain what sorts of laws we should have in a free society. But we have often neglected the study of what sort of legal system is appropriate for developing a proper body of law.


Historically, in the common law of England, Roman law, and the Law Merchant, law was formed in large part in thousands of judicial decisions. In these so-called "decentralized law-finding systems," the law evolved as judges, arbitrators, or other jurists discovered legal principles applicable to specific factual situations, building upon legal principles previously discovered, and statutes, or centralized law, played a relatively minor role. Today, however, statutes passed by the legislature are becoming the primary source of law, and law tends to be thought of as being identical to legislation. Yet legislation-based systems cannot be expected to develop law compatible with a free society.


Certainty, which includes clarity of and stability in the law, is necessary so that we are able to plan for the future. Often it is thought that certainty will be increased when the law is written and enunciated by a legislature, for example in the civil codes of modern civil-law systems.


As the late Italian legal theorist Bruno Leoni pointed out, however, there is much more certainty in a decentralized legal system than in a centralized, legislation-based system. When the legislature has the ability to change the law from day to day, we can never be sure what rules will apply tomorrow. By contrast, judicial decisions are much less able to reduce legal certainty than is legislation.


This is because the position of common-law or decentralized judges is fundamentally different from that of legislators in three respects. First, judges can only make decisions when asked to do so by the parties concerned. Second, the judge's decision is less far-reaching than legislation because it primarily affects the parties to the dispute, and only occasionally affects third parties or others with no connection to the parties involved. Third, a judge's discretion is limited by the necessity of referring to similar precedents. Legal certainty is thus more attainable in a relatively decentralized law-finding system like the common law, Roman law, or customary law, than in centralized law-making systems where legislation is the primary source of law.



Negative Effects of Uncertainty

Legislation tends to interfere with agreements that courts would otherwise have enforced and thereby makes parties to contracts less certain that the contract will ultimately be enforced. Thus, individuals tend to rely less on contracts, leading them to develop costly alternatives such as structuring companies, transactions, or production processes differently than they otherwise would have.


Another pernicious effect of the increased uncertainty in legislation-based systems is the increase of overall time preference. Individuals invariably demonstrate a preference for earlier goods over later goods, all things being equal. When time preferences are lower, individuals are more willing to forgo immediate benefits such as consumption, and invest their time and capital in more indirect (i.e., more roundabout, lengthier) production processes, which yield more or better goods for consumption or for further production. Any artificial raising of the general time-preference rate thus tends to impoverish society by pushing us away from production and long-term investments. Yet increased uncertainty, which is brought about by a legislation-based system, causes an increase in time-preference rates because if the future is less certain, it is relatively less valuable compared to the present.


In addition to materially impoverishing society, higher time-preference rates also lead to increased crime. As a person becomes more present oriented, immediate (criminal) gratifications become relatively more attractive, and future, uncertain punishment becomes less of a deterrent.



Central Planning and Economic Calculation

Ludwig von Mises showed that without a decentralized private-property system, free-market prices, which are essential in economic calculation, cannot be generated. As Leoni has explained, Mises's criticism of socialism also applies to a legislature attempting to "centrally plan" the laws of a society. The impossibility of socialism is only a special case of the general inability of central planners to collect and assimilate information widely dispersed in society. The widely dispersed, decentralized character of knowledge and information in society simply makes it too difficult for centralized legislators to rationally plan the laws of society.[1]


Legislators' inescapable ignorance also makes them less able to truly represent the general will of the populace and more likely to be influenced by special interests. Because of their ignorance, they have no reliable guide for knowing what statutes to enact, which makes them more likely to be influenced by lobbyists and special-interest groups. This leads to statutes that benefit a select few at the expense of others and, in the long run, at the expense of all of society.


Decentralized law-finding systems like the common law, on the other hand, are analogous to free markets in that a natural order, unplanned by government decrees, arises in both. Additionally, as pointed out by Richard Epstein, because alteration of legislation and regulation is likely to have more of a payoff for lobbyists than convincing a judge to change common-law type rules, judges are also less likely to be the target of special interests than are legislators.



The Proliferation of Laws

Because of the systematic ignorance that legislators face, legislation often disrupts the delicate economic, legal, and social order of society, leading to unintended consequences. And invariably, because of government propaganda combined with public ignorance and apathy, the inevitable failures of legislation are blamed not on interventionist government but on freedom and unregulated human conduct, leading to even more meddlesome legislation.


Such a continual outpouring of artificial laws has many insidious effects. As special-interest groups become successful, others become necessary for self-defense. Soon a legal war of all against all begins to emerge. Thus we are led into conflict rather than cooperation. Additionally, when so many laws exist, and with such arcane, vague, complex language as is common today, it becomes impossible for each citizen to avoid being a lawbreaker — especially given the perverse rule that "ignorance of the law is no excuse." Almost everyone has violated a tax law, securities regulation, "racketeering" law, gun law, alcohol law, customs regulation, or at least traffic ordinance. But when we are all lawbreakers the law is discredited and, what is worse, the government can selectively and arbitrarily enforce whatever law is convenient against any "troublemaker."


Furthermore, as another Italian theorist, Giovanni Sartori, has pointed out, when legislation is thought of as the primary source of law, citizens become more accustomed to following orders, and thus become more docile, servile, and less independent. Once people lose their rebellious spirit, it is easier and more likely for the government to become tyrannical.


Because of the danger of legislation, several constitutional safeguards should accompany its exercise. Supermajority and referendum requirements are one way to limit the legislature. Another way would be for all legislation to be constitutionally limited to replacing the opinion of a given court decision with a new decision. Then, if a given case or line of cases were issued that had particularly egregious reasoning or results, the legislature could rewrite the unfortunate opinion in better form, and enact this into law, as if the court had first issued the rewritten decision. The rewritten opinion would then assume the status of a judicial precedent, at least for that court.


This limit on the legislature's ability would prevent it from enacting huge legislative schemes out of whole cloth. To the extent the legislated "substitute opinion" strayed from the facts of the particular case, it would be merely dicta, of no binding force.


Sunset provisions that automatically repeal legislation unless reenacted after a given number of years are also useful. Another prophylactic measure would be an absolute right to jury trials in all cases, civil or criminal, so that government could not escape the jury requirement by calling truly criminal sanctions "civil." This should be combined with a requirement that the jury be made aware of their right to judge the law's validity as well as the defendant's liability or guilt.



The Role of Commentators and Codes

Law codes are essential in the development, systematization, and promulgation of law. Modern civil codes of civil-law systems are one example of very impressive and useful codifications that developed under the largely decentralized Roman-law system. However, the dangers of legislation also counsel that legal codifications not be legislated. There is no reason that law codes cannot be privately written. Indeed, Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law of England was private and very successful in codifying the law, and we today have successful, private treatises such as the Restatements of the law. Law codes would be far more rational and systematic (and shorter) if they did not have to take an unwieldy and interfering body of legislation into account — if they could focus primarily on common-law developments.


Both private and statutory codification of existing case law can make mistakes. But if the code is private, judges can ignore the lapses in the codifier's reasoning. This has the extra benefit of giving an incentive to private codifiers not to engage in dishonest reasoning or meddlesome social planning. If a codifier wants his work to be used and acknowledged, he will attempt to accurately describe the existing body of law when he organizes and presents it, and will likely be explicit when recommending that judges adopt certain changes in future decisions.


Both the Roman law and common law have been corrupted into today's inferior legislation-dominated systems. The primacy of legislation should be abandoned, and we should return to a system of judge-found law. Scholars who codify naturally evolved law have a vital function to serve but they should not ask for the governmental imprimatur on their scholarly efforts.


Of course, the form of a legal system does not guarantee that just laws will be adopted. We must always be vigilant and urge that individual freedom be respected, whether by legislator or judge.


Stephan Kinsella is an attorney in Houston, director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, and editor of Libertarian Papers. See his blog.

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Now seriously, if this clown was talking about storing Japan's radioactive waste on his OWN land I'd give him some credit, but he's talking about The Govt storing it on 'everybody's' land... Your Govt will poison your country for you!


I suppose the next thing will be the invading American Marines practicing with 'depleted' uranium up around Darwin!


<a href="http://ex-skf.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/australia-is-ideal-for-contaminated.html">Australia Is "Ideal" for Contaminated Soil and Debris from #Fukushima

Here's an ex-minister in Australia, which has been spared with any contamination from Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, wanting to bring in the contaminated soil and debris from Fukushima to Australia and stored it for the Japanese, in return for the future sales of uranium to Japan and more funding from Japan for the construction projects in western Australia.


The former sports minister now works for a law firm in Tokyo. He also happens to be the chairman of a junior miner. Talk about conflict of interest. And he is proposing to put the contaminated soil and debris on western and southern Australian deserts.


(On second thoughts... It may be better than having the debris burned all over Japan...)


From The Australian (3/15/2012):



Australia 'ideal' for Fukushima soil


Rick Wallace


A HOWARD government minister has entered the nuclear-waste debate by arguing that Australia should accept radioactive debris from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Former sports minister Andrew Thomson said the move would help break a deadlock in Japan that is jeopardising recovery efforts from last year's March 11 tsunami and nuclear meltdown.


His comments come after the Senate's approval of the Muckaty Station site in Northern Territory as a nuclear waste dump -- and new Foreign Minister Bob Carr's remarks backing atomic energy in Australia -- reignited debate on the issue.


Because of a last-minute Greens amendment, the Muckaty site cannot accept waste from abroad, but Mr Thomson said the vast deserts of Western Australia and South Australia were perfect spots for the Fukushima waste.


In Japan, no prefecture has agreed to house the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste from the world's second-worst nuclear tragedy and it is piling up in temporary storage sites obstructing reconstruction efforts.


Most of the waste consists of contaminated soil and debris removed during clean-up efforts from areas just outside the 20km exclusion zone around the plant and is only mildly radioactive.


Mr Thomson,
who now works for law firm Minter Ellison in Tokyo
, said Australia could offer "ideal places to dispose of this debris and store it safely".


"This stuff is only mildly radioactive, it's not going to harm anyone, but the last place you want to store it is Japan -- it's just too crowded," he said.


"Western Australia has benefited greatly from Japanese demand for iron ore and base metals and South Australia is launching a major uranium export industry. It's only fair and reasonable if we propose to sell more uranium to Japan in future that we should offer such help now when Japan really needs it."


Mr Thomson told The Australian his proposal related only to the debris, not the spent fuel or other nuclear waste from Fukushima or any other plant.


The former minister said that, in return for storing the Fukushima waste, Australia should receive more funding from Japan to ensure the construction of the troubled Oakajee port and rail project in WA, thereby unlocking the mid-west iron region.


The former minister and chairman of junior miner Athena Resources acknowledged he had a vested interest as Athena may one day use the port, which has hit problems with cost overruns but may be rescued by Mitsubishi.


"Most of the waste consists of contaminated soil and debris removed during clean-up efforts from areas just outside the 20km exclusion zone around the plant and is only mildly radioactive", writes Mr. Rick Wallace.


Well, since when has the soil with over 3 million becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium ("black dust" of Minami Soma), or even the soil in Watari District in Fukushima City with more than 200,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium become "only mildly radioactive"?

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The Gov is corrupt in every country where the NWO can get to them, $$$ is the name of the game nothing else and we really need to rid the Gov full of Thieves and setup community systems where retired older people chosen by the community will do it for free one day a week or a few days a week to decide issues on a community level then the chosen leaders take it to the state level then finally National level.

These elder leaders can hold talks in open halls full of community people to decide the fate of our community, state and country simple by counting hands up the old way not this force way where crooks get in very easily into place of power for their own means or sponsored by others as every Gov is.

Every 3 years you get a new leader with a blank check and the they retire or voted out after selling all our assets and land to criminals.

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Sounds OK to me-


I'd solve all the problems by having voluntaryt tax, so the Govt couldn't force you to hand your money over. Suddenly everyone would be happy to pay for things around them, but not thousands of miles away with no benefits.


..and Govt (in NZ anyway) used to be unpaid, for 6months of a year only.

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I get Ron Owen's (The Owen machine gun is from an ancestor of his...) monthly email, and it usually has some pointed comments about arms and Govts. This one explains how the Western world is sliding into tyranny with every year that goes by.






ANY INQUIRIES Please Phone 07 54 825070

Thoughts for the Week. ButtonB5.jpg


The Battle For Australia’s Soul,


Today, as of writing is the 11th of the 11th Remembrance Day, it used to be called Armistice Day, it was the date and time of the Armistice which was signed to end World War One, that was the War to End all Wars so two minutes silence at 11 am was in memoriam for those who died in the name of freedom in that the largest war in World History.

It is a fine tradition, now nearly a hundred year old, shortened to a minutes silence, the eternal flame, eternal no more, is turned on the night before, and in many cases the drummer/ (bugler) has been replaced by a tape recording of the Last Post & Reveille. (I will be there every year, I can) At our local parade, they have even lost the tradition of taking the flag down during last post, the two minutes silence, then raising the flag when reveille is being sounded. They just play both recordings then have the silence. A recording played of the National Anthem, a murmuring as no one knows the words. The Ode, then off and away, don’t think about it for another year.



The Real Meaning Fades Away.

When I was a child, everyone had to have a poppy before the Day, now it’s the TV news readers, the astute politicians and a few old soldiers. It seem like “Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away and so to it seems is the meaning of Remembrance Day, fading from modern understanding.


Our people in past generations were a sovereign free people, the parliament was installed by the people, the Monarch governed by the consent of the governed. The Monarch’s motto ‘Dieu et mon droit’, meaning “God and my right” was a birthright, to rule by birth and the sovereign people had an equal birthright, being born with the rights and freedoms of the realm. That is another forgotten meaning of having the Crown in our courts, on our military badges, we fight for their ‘Right’ they fight for our ‘Rights’. It is now a forgotten contract.

Once it was something worth fighting for, something even worth dying for, expressed so powerfully in the ‘Declaration of Arbroath’,

“It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”


Freedom is Not Free, It has to be paid for in the most expensive currency, ‘Blood’.



Our Forefathers, more than likely never expressed it to their mates that way, it something that was thought, but not often said by those who went to war, some with differing national causes, but all wanted to give something back to their country. The country that had given them the best standard of living and the most individual freedoms. They knew that the country and its philosophy, its idealism could only survive as long as it had individuals who would willingly sacrifice their lives for those ideals which their country believed in. Freedom.

Many of them believed so strongly in that ideal that they fought and died so that other countries could obtain that same freedom from tyrants.

We used to think that we passed that spirit to our children in the bloodstream, that it would be now ingrained in future generations, but now it seems that ‘Freedom’, is never more than one generation away and that generation has not fought for it, not valued it, and has nothing to pass on to our children’s children, who being born in slavery have little compression of what it really meant to be free.

So often, when I ask people to make a complaint to there local member of parliament and stand up for their ‘Rights’ , I hear the words, “Oh, I don’t get involved in politics,” as if that somehow makes them smell cleaner. If they are quick they will notice my lip curl, as I think, ‘No’, you don’t smell cleaner you’re a parasite, taking, and giving nothing. To me, that makes them derelict of their duty as a citizen. They are the ones who make it easy for our government to be panderers, thieves and liars. The sanctimonious parasites could not get away with it, if so many Australians did not insist on their right to remain ignorant and blindly agreeable.



They cannot comprehend that someone else had to fight and sacrifice property, wealth, love, family and life itself for their ‘Right’ to hear, nothing, see, nothing, think nothing and worst of all to do nothing. For example the sale of poppies has always raised money for the families of the fallen, or the wounded, but these days everyone expects everything for nothing. Today I heard one women say, “Can I have three”, never an effort made to pay, she just took and commenced to pin one on herself.


Freedom is a Chair with Essential Legs.

The legs of our freedom chair stand, or fall altogether. We have a right to life, to breath the air, we have a right to think and a right to speak, like the birds in the forest we have a right to move, and like the squirrels who works for the nuts, own the nuts, we have the right to own property. The bird has its beak, the lion has its teeth to defend its Rights and Freedoms.

We have a brain to defend ours. That brain makes us the head of the food chain, as it enables us to make tools, those tools are employed by the brain to defend our property, our ‘Rights’, our Freedoms and our Lives. Just take that one leg of the chair away, and all the others are meaningless. We then lose the freedom of choice, the Freedom not to be Green, religious freedom, the freedom not to have a religion, the freedom to think, the freedom to speak and the freedom to petition others to our cause.


Governed by a Minority of Green Tin Pot Tyrants.

Once the spirit, the ideal of Freedom is lost, tin pot tyrants can use and abuse our Constitutional Monarchy, our totally un responsive, ‘representative’ government, who use pure democracy, the media mob, the unmitigated rule of the current green minority to degenerate what was once the finest and free ‘ist’ into despotism and tyranny.


We Are Enslaved When We allow our Politicians to

Take Our Money and donate it to causes that buys them votes.



All this without thinking might not be at first evident to you, until the film over our eyes, created by the electronic god of television is removed. These days school begins in the living room where our children are moulded into socialistic robots who then think that the State can control and supply free education, free food, free money, free rent with no sympathy at all for those whom that money and property is stolen from. Even when you show our youth that the government debt for its handouts will impact on their future, they still vote for those who offer them the most handouts


Working When Other Take Our Reward is Slavery.

The State has disarmed us and now restrict knives and scissors, they have turned a Right into a State licence with which they can use to control you. The State has removed your Mineral Rights to your land, it removes your right to clear and farm your land, it controls what you grow and what you are allowed to sell. The State taxes you, effectively steals from you every time you use their currency. The State takes from the poor workers and gives it to those who do nothing except vote for those politicians, who promise to steal more, to give their voters.

Those freeloaders are now a majority. In every western country, our forefathers fought against this tyranny in World War Two, now that meaning has faded away and Socialism is accepted everywhere.




We Sold Ourselves Into Slavery.

Due to our apathy and the handful of oppressors who first gained control of the minds of the academics in our universities who trained the journalists, the lawyers the politicians they schooled our leaders who accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.


Already they disarm us, they take our property even from the mail, they take our property, our mineral rights, our right to grow food, our right to clear the land that we own, the right to own an animal, our right to buy a health vitamin yet they forcefully medicate us with fluoride. They force their political will with there political police, a police force that serves the government, not the people. These days Police leave us defenceless, we are not allowed to defend ourselves, the police only defend the State and take from the people, they are the modern day tax collectors, raising money for the robber baron the State.




Not a Little War But A Large War for A New Century.


Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu the current Prime Minister of Israel has sworn to remove the Iranian nuclear threat before his next term of office Jan 22nd 2013. Iran is allied to Russia, Turkey and Israel is allied to the USA. Islam is allied to all, that hate Israel.


Obedience or Death?




Will the next generation of soldiers follow the same format as the Russians who fought for Black Joe Stalin and the Germans fought for Hitler, dying for different styles of socialism? Like myself and thousands since, Disarmed when De mobbed.

Real freedom, as understood by the men of Arbroth or our forefathers will not be on offer to any of the nations dragged into it, but the young men will still fight as they must, or their own States will kill them anyway.


Without Lots of NEW Youthful Recruits to our Cause We have Missed the Freedom Bus.


Where does all this depressing information take us, well hopefully, (if I believed in Leprechauns at the bottom of our garden) it inspires some our younger shooters to realise, to taste what real freedom is all about. Its not about the weekly night club booze up, its not about computer game warfare. Now, our youth are all players in their own future freedom, they either decide to fight for it, or watch it go further away like missing a Bus that will never return.




I have been writing articles like this one for 32 years, I will be 65 next birthday, I have devoted years of my life to this cause, because I believe it was my duty to give back to those who before me, gave much more, life itself, for the Freedoms I used to enjoy. I believed that if the candle of freedom was still alight it had a chance of turning a black room into daylight. Many of my contemporaries, Norm Segal, Tony Pitt, Arthur Tuck, Jeremy Lee, have died, many others have faded away, fortunes have been spent on campaigns opposing Gun laws, our families have born the cost.

I am running out of contemporaries, I am running out of years, even if I hang in, doing this until I am ninety unless our youth, our new shooters take up the cause of freedom, freedom will be like the fading away of Remembrance Day, it will be something to learn about at school, something we still have in name only. The reason why our forefathers sacrificed their lives will be changed from the meaning of real freedom, to nationalism, they will turn nationalism into a dirty word, and countless millions of lives and the cause they sacrificed for, will never be remembered. See,… you have already forgotten.

Ron Owen.


Gun Books Make Great Presents, For Christmas, Easy To Post and with years of use and enjoyment. We have over a 1000 Gun Books in stock.

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Just so peeps understand Politics and where its sits on our control







Do nothing like the previous generations that gave up all out freedoms & now addicted to the T.A.B.

or spend all day watching the idiot box full of Media controlled garbage in old peoples homes.


The Zionist AI has it right (he was part of the Zionist but not a loyal one)


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