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Fart Smell On Reversing

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New member here. Hello!


I've just bought myself a manual 2005 Toyota Corolla Conquest ZZE122R 5Y.


Loving. It.


However, after purchase I noticed that when reversing hard - up hill or on unsealed road... well, there's this horrible fart smell.


Wondering what it could be? My google search turned up clutch or catalytic converter... I dunno what that means...


Any ideas?


Thanks :)

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Go to a different service station to fill up next time, then see if the smell goes away ;)

Clutch will normally smell like something is burning if you give it a hard time.

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Change fuel first for sure, but if that doesn't fix it then its catalytic converter time I expect.


Its no longer breaking down the produsts of part-combustion and you are smelling suphur compounds. A gas analyser at a testing station will tell you how good it is.


The clutch wouldn't slip and smell in reverse, and you would feel it not working.

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I don't understand much of the last comment, was it supposed to make sense?


Just to point out it's not a clutch burning smell but a fart smell. Smells more like fart to me (methane?) than sulphur, definitely not pleasant.


I guess I'll get the car checked out. Just refueled and getting used to friction point so I'm not over-revving so much which will also help.

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The smell is normal.


But why are you reversing hard up an unsealed road?


If the cat con is not up to operating temp i.e. you are reversing up a driveway in the morning, then it won't yet be functioning properly, and could explain why you are getting the odour.


Either that, or you had eggs for breakfast.

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I had some punks throw a fart bomb under the rolla once when I parked opposite Beenleigh High School.


I'd have been pissed but it smelled like something if have done back in the day... Damn sulfur.

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