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Ke55-S Xx Coupe

Mechanical Sympathy

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Cheers Leeroy - thanks for reading.


Here's a [don't look no different] post. Over the past couple of months I've knocked down several beers looking over the dozen or so dimples and dents that spray putty didn't fill.


Then more recently I finally stumped the cash and purchased some colour and clear!


This gave me the impetus to get out into the shed on week nights and attack the dimpled dozen with gusto and rub the whole lot over with 400 grit wet and dry..






I suppose in any project there's a point where you can no longer be bothered to chase the last 1% of divets and dimples, and I figured if paint won't cover them, some last minute blade putty will. So on the weekend I wrapped the contents of the shed in plastic and hit everything with the last (I hope) primer coat.




Turns out acrylic primer is more forgiving than my eyes and though I'd considered giving the whole lot another 400 rub back before priming, turns out it wasn't necessary.


I'd like to really knock this painting phase over in the coming week or two. With summer looming I have more hours of natural light after work that I can use to paint a panel or two each evening, before it gets too hot (and humid) and need to start thinking about using retarder.


It'd be grouse if I could get some colour on before the end of the week. I'm tired with this part of the project and am looking forward to reassembly, detailing and engine conversion.

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I'm tired with this part of the project


Its just such a giant job and saps any enthusiasm you have after a few months. Keeping in mind the stunning looking car when done is difficult. Maybe some big posters of immaculate show cars on the walls will do it! One of my KE70s should have a complete respray, and as I know what a soul-destroying grind it is I don't want to start!

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Haha experience duly noted - I know I will see it, but will anyone else?


Anyway there's at least a couple of runs so there's plenty of rubbing and fussing yet to do [sigh].




Yes I think I need some posters!

I've got a hires copy of this poster saved, I should really pop down to Officeworks and get an A1 print run off.



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Procurement however, is one of my favourite project tasks.


When I started working on the doors I carefully unclipped the rubbers off the plastic hole clips so I could reapply the rubber onto them later. But if I was honest, painting over the insitu clips is a bit half-arsed (more than usual) especially with a colour change .


Phil's Rotarys was having a 25% off sale so I nabbed these for $75. Nek minnit special delivery to my desk - new thai-style coupe door rubbers! winning



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Not without a couple of mishaps - my timber bench seat collapsed while I was doing the roof. And my gun was either a jet or a fan - no in between - so I got a run(s) in the clear. Nothing some 1200 won't fix.


But the gloss coat worked out well. Hopefully it keeps this lustre as it dries.


The doors fell behind on the priming schedule so there's still a few jobs to do. Can't pack up the compressor just yet.



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Ok well.. I didn't want to post too many shots of my junquey shed but what the heck - this is how it went down.


Last week I spent every night rubbing panels, setting up the white stripes and then rubbing them again in 800 grit;







Then Saturday morning I felt I'd done enough and started masking up;




When I had full coverage, had a beer and reflected on my progress;




Thought I'd see if the wheels matched the colour;




Later that evening, after washing half a kilogram of red dust down the shower, I ventured back out with the day's final beer and peeled off the masking to have a look;





Then on Sunday I backed it up with a quick rub down with 1200 over the rough bits, then hit it with the clear coat;






It's very tempting to bolt it all back together now! I'll start putting the rear of the car back together but I'll leave the front end off for now until I swap the engine in so I don't get hand prints and lean all over it. Must finish doors and fender flares first anyway before the front can go back as guards need to be off to fit the front flares.


I'm fingered today! Too much like hard work.

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Thanks Rob, I think I know the one you mean;




The similarity is coincidental, though obvious. I was mainly inspired by my son's Hotwheels cars rather than a love for 70's television. I wanted him to dig it, man.


Monday beer and buffing bolt-ons.



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