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  1. Haven't done this before, just wondering if anyone has any tips? Thanks
  2. Gday, I'm in interested in the 3k, and possibly the weber setup as well, could you pm me a rough idea of how much you want and a rough idea on how much for the 4age. Thanks
  3. Jono.C is spot on, at the worst you may have to elongate a couple of holes and port match (bigger than exhaust port) them. Should be fine.
  4. In all honesty don't put racing seats in it just get original seats re upolstered in factory black, guarantee when it's finished you won't regret it.
  5. Could do a nice blow-thru super charged setup on a K motor with this gear, or a easy j-pipe turbo setup with carb and plenum.
  6. Awesome man, been wanting a coupe since i was a kid...how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?
  7. There at my brothers will have to check but there 13" and they have 205 tyres.
  8. Set of four hotwire mags, been sitting around for a few years, will clean them up before sale. Good condition. $300 Located Ringwood, Vic.
  9. Yeah bonnet was definitely down properly and 99% certain saftey catch was working, pretty sure one of the times it happened was when i hit a big pot hole, dunno why the saftey didn't hold it though. If i had another one i would put like bonnet pin type thing with a short bit of metal rope from the rad support to the inside of bonnet somewhere so it couldn't happen. Bonnet's were hard enough to find 15years ago let alone now.
  10. Just be sure to do somthing to secure the bonnet better so it dosen't happen again, i had 2 ke11's that the same thing happened to. Definitely not much fun driving with bonnet covering your windscreen.
  11. Can anyone else see whats happening here.....
  12. KE11 Boot badge, Australian market,
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