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  1. DAMN YOU FOR BORROWING A PICTURE OF OUR BABY!!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW THE KIND OF SICK PERVERTED WEIRDOS OUT THERE ON THE INTERNET THAT COULD BE LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Nuh, it's cool really, just as long as you replace it with a real one of yours in due course....wouldn't want people getting the two confused, or thinking that we're somehow related
  2. the only real scar of mine that has a cool story has actually faded now, got it on my knee when I fell off my bike in Denmark. The cool bit of the story was that I was only 6 at the time, never ridden a bike without back-pedal brake before, and only just missed falling off an approximately 50m high cliff down to the beach However, I do have a permanent bruise/scar on my back, which looks kinda freaky. When getting changed for PE in high school, one of my mates said it looked like I'd been hit in the back with a baseball bat. However, the real reason is much cooler - it's a friction burn from when I went down the world's tallest vertical slide, not in the proper safety equipment (because they didn't have any in my size at the time). Extremely painfull, I must say, and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life (both physically and mentally)
  3. It does if you are a hot chick and you're winking at the right person.....
  4. 1st Surf/4Runner is definitely much cooler and better than the other two, although the second one rates an "ok" in my book 3rd one is just criminal, 4WDs are built with high ground clearance for a reason guys...... Tough wins over pimp any day
  5. Actually we got the KA24E in the Pintara/Corsair bungle, and the KA24DE in the U13 Bluebirds, pretty solid motors really. 'Bout 115kw at the fly for the DE, a black U13is near the top of my list for a car to buy when I get rid of the 102
  6. I'm pretty sure our KE55 SE has intermittents, it's a square-light '81 model, but bottom of the barrel as far as spec goes. I'll check when I go over to my g/f's house tomorrow Def doesn't have power windows though :faq:
  7. anyone feel like towing a car from Adelaide to Newy for me, for free? Damn I so want that car, but i know I can't afford to do anything to it (for economical and probably legal reasons) for another 2 years or so.....shame to see it go to the crusher though
  8. Damn that Corona would be a steal, plenty of potential as a cruise car with a new engine, wheels and paint....pity I'm in no need of a new car at the moment, and it's in the wrong place... That KE55 is a bit overpriced though, i got a roadworthy registered (albeit 1 day left) and straight/rust-free (mostly) KE55 sedan for $300, and this one needs work (and a paint job) and registration and he wants 50% more...
  9. Everyone hates high school, but it really is a walk in the park compared to university. At uni you have the equivalent work load of the HSC (or whatever it is in your state) every 6 months for 3 or 4 years, and some Year 12 advanced subjects (which you busted 3 nuts over and almost died from exhaustion and over-working) are summarised and covered completely within 2 weeks. 3 exams to go (3 days in a row) and I'm out of uni forever, I hope, and onto a long and illustrious career as an automotive designer (via whatever work I can get in the meantime till a job opening appears at Toyota et al)
  10. It's a Corolla II, basically a Euro/Jap Tercel hatch, and it'd have a some variant of the E series engine in it
  11. Specs (as of 05/04/17): 1997 AE102R Conquest - "Charlene" Engine-related 7AFE 1.8L, 178,000km young TRD ignition-leads Painted cam cover HPC-coated 4-2-1 extractors 2" engine pipe to stainless 2.5" hiflow cat 2.25" mandrel-bent stainless exhaust through hotdog resonator Stainless Lukey Ultraflow rear muffler, 3" dump tip Combo dyno'd at 71.7kw ATW on Dyno Dynamics dyno in Shootout mode Suspension/driveline C52 5-speed gearbox w/ custom short shifter KYB Excel-G shocks Lovells low springs all-round Stock sway-bars (rear Ultra Racing sway bar waiting to be installed) AE101/111 TRD 3-point 3-piece strut brace Exterior JDM AE101 FXGT front bar with lip extension and foglights Hella grille (2x high-beam lights, yes it was a factory-option in Europe) 17x7 Speedy Lite-5 wheels Interior/ICE JDM AE101 FXGT factory-option Momo 4-spoke leather steering wheel JDM AE111 BZG Levin front bucket seats TRD leather gearknob AE111 G6R leather shifter boot JDM Centre console with flip-out cupholders AE102 Sprinter dash clock instead of dummy air vent Kenwood head-unit VDO Dayton MPS-1300 5-1/4" front splits, tweeters on the side-mirror covers JL Audio TR600-CXi 6" rear 2-ways Still to be fitted/re-fitted - JDM Clean Box - JDM CleanAce roof-mounted air purifier - BZ Touring-copy black crystal headlights w/ clear parkers instead of indicators - Ultra Racing rear sway bar - AE101 Levin Superstrut 275mm twin-piston front brakes - Power folding mirrors - Genuine JDM slimline weathershields Old pictures time: Just after a wash, but only on camera phone Engine bay stock, before painting Painted heat shield, about to go on First lot of painting done, time to run the engine to cure it Open for business
  12. Nickname - Hiro Protagonist, Hiro, Riggers, Rigby Name - Ian Car - g/f's KE55 (HERE) - AE102 sedan (thread coming)
  13. Personally I'd try and get a KE70 K50 gearbox, as it doesn't require any change to the cross-member, shifter hole etc...plus, KE70s are more common at wreckers than 55s these days, and us poor schmoes in 55s would like it if you left all the KE55 K50s for us to get later down the track, as KE70 ones require mods to fit into the 55
  14. Carpet is pretty crappy though, you really have to be careful with the vacuum otherwise the whole interior is sucked up.....I'm not even going to try going to Carlovers and using the vacuums there :) Still, it'll go at one stage when we try and get the whole interior colour coded, along with the door trims (robins-egg blue doesn't go well with Australia Post red)
  15. Can you repost the pictures, all I'm getting is the "Oops, link not available" photobucket thingy. May be interested in the Soarer wheels, depends on how much postage/freight would be
  16. yeah, a tacho would be useful.....was thinking of ripping out the (not working) clock and putting it in there, not a big fan of huge monster-style tachos. Ash tray is useless to us (neither of us smoke, and even if we did we wouldn't do it in the car), and it's a little wonky/stiff so it'll go at some stage, no idea what to put in it's place though
  17. Nup, its a red toggle switch, looks like something that would fire a missle. No picture or anything, completely unlike the rear demister switch, which leads me to believe that it's aftermarket. No sign of front-mounted foglights though
  18. rear demister works by heating an element built into the rear windscreen, so no vents needed Maybe it's an on/off switch for the non-existent supercharger ala Mad Max 2
  19. don't you mean OUR little KE55, dear? Remember's who is funding it at the moment too :D just kidding Update: bought two front seats and seatbelts from the wreckers today, both in good nick with no tears, sagging etc, along with a windscreen wiper motor, $200 for the lot. All thats left now is to get the steering fixed and she'll be on the road, all nice and legal
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