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Got some Marchal 859-gt amber fog lights in the mail few week ago, decided to fit them in with the grill. Seems to look alright...grill needs a fresh coat of paint though...keeping a spare grill just in case a change my mind later...


post-14534-0-62380100-1463235035_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-20283100-1463235089_thumb.jpg


post-14534-0-90844200-1463235304_thumb.jpg post-14534-0-05798700-1463235207_thumb.jpg



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On 10/18/2018 at 6:55 AM, jfgarro said:

Hi Jack! Nice ride!!! I'm Jose Garro, from Costa Rica, and about to start my restoration project on a 1973 KE26. Question: the windshield rubber...is this OEM or aftermarket? where do you get it? Thanks!

Hey Jose, thanks mate, this is the windscreen rubber i got,


and lock strip,


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