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Sr Powered Rolla

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Right, i finally decided to get off my arse with this thing, 2 trips on bad country rds has made the decision for me. The front lip and quad light are gonna have to wait for a while, hopefully I'm ordering some new koni sports mr2 inserts in the next few weeks and then I'm gonna be making up some new coilovers front and rear with some new springs to get rid of the shitty kings progressives that ive got at the moment. If time permits, I'm going to setup an equal length four link setup in the rear also.


Watch this space, I'm going to do a proper write up on the struts and four link setup. :dance:

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Hey nice rolla,

How easy is it to fit the Celica diff, is there much difference in the way of mounts/springseats etc? I think you said in a post on AE86dc it sits further back. Is it minor or did you overcome this?


its not to major, it has an unmodified celica diff in it in the pics, that should give you an idea on how it fits.

also, the top bushes need a bit of persuasion to get them in but they fit and the panard bar might be the wrong length. if u pm me the length of your panard bar, i'll measure mine to see how far off it is.

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Chassis: KE70 Sedan



Enlarged Tunnel

G/Box hole 80mm back to accomidate nissan box

firewall behind back seats as per engineers instruction

rear suspension towers now in boot area

corolla engine mounts cut of cross member and welded back on to suit SR20

RX7 series 2 rubber engine mounts


Engine & Driveline:

N/A SR20 out of S14 silvia (VVT model, purchased from just jap)

S13 silvia turbo G/Box

ST165 Radiator

Custom catch can

T Series diff out of RA60 Celica with hieght adjustable spring mounts welded on

tailshaft made to suit by Hardie Spicer in Moorebank

2.5' exhaust to cat made by me and dad

2' cat back exhaust by penrith city exhausts



XT130 Corona front struts & hubs

struts shortened to suit SV21 Camry inserts

Noltec bushes throughout

Noltec weld on hieght adjusters in front & rear

AE86 sway bars front & rear

commodore rear shocks

Noltec adjustable panard bar

350lb King Springs front

200lb king springs rear

Noltec Camber adjusters



4 spot hilux 4WD calipers front

Corolla booster modified to suit toyota 4 stud master

MA61 supra master cylinder (15/16)

Peugeot 604 Front rotors

RA60 celica rear drums


Fuel System:

Custom 5/16 steel fuel lines under car

twin VL pumps

VL in tank Pump

Custom surge tank

Mitsibishi unleaded filler neck



corona internally adjustable mirrors

tacho dash with VDO electronic speedo

Datto ute gear knob

Modified RA60 celica seats



XT130 14x5.5' wheels with 175/55/14 tyres


Coming Mods:

Konig rewind 15x7' rims

TRD 2way LSD to suit late model sprinter axles

rear disks

re-do rear suspension

re-do tunnel

boot mounted battery

2.2L stroker kit

Greddy winged sump

oil cooler

remote oil filter

a few body braces

Quad throttle bodies


new cams

adjustable cam gears

SR20 turbo injectors

new computer

chrome bumpers (in progress)

paint (black, same blue, white, gunmetal grey or charger orange)

Retrim (black leather)

Roll cage (maybe)

Fix damn front end shake rant.gif (I can't find this stupid vibration so if anybody has any idea what it is I'll be glad to hear you suggestions)


So far all the work has been done by my Dad and Myself, exluding the tailshaft, exhaust & wiring so if anyone has any questions I should be able to answer them 2thumbs.gif



Sideshow's Perfomance Wiring, Ask For Jim 0415 904 947


Hardie Spicer, (02) 9600 6333


thought i'd put a spec sheet in, its a bit old now but copy paste is easier than typing it all up again, i'll update it in the next few days

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i had a little mishap with the beaver, i was putting it in and i broke the head off 1 of the mounting bolts. After a smoke and a little swearing it was decided 2 leave the beaver off till i get a chance 2 fix it properly. don't worry about the yoki sticker, i have more :jamie:











Also, shut up, i'll get it done when I'm not poor :P

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Alrighty, Ive finally started pouring some cash into this thing. I've bought the Koni inserts i was planning to get ages ago ($2600 all up, that hurt) and i am slowly gathering the bits and pieces for the suspension work. Ive got the seamless tube for all my link bars, panard and front end, my hidiously expensive shocks, my rose joints and a nice set of XT130 struts prepped and ready to go. I pretty much need some new rotors, springs, coilover kits, some steel and i can start playing.


Planned suspension mods include:


Equal length 4 link

full rose joints (everywhere, including the tierods and ball joints)

new coilovers front and rear with 8 point bump and rebound adjustment (hence $2600)

adjustable front and rear roll centers

fabricated swaybars similar to the ones earlier in this thread

more link adjustment in the rear


and prolly a few other things that i'll take photos of but can't remember atm


I'll be putting a few piccy's up in the next few days

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