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Ok, i've been busy assembling everything for trial fitting and the like and ive set all the hieghts and whatnot. Here are some pics of what ive been up to.


these first 2 are the welded and unwelded versions of the rear tubes


the first pic here shows how the adjustment thing i made up works when everything is assembled, if that allen key is turned it adjusts the bottom (bump) adjuster, and the last pic shows the machined rear strut top components


These are exploded and assembled views of the rear coilovers and all the bits i made, almost seems a shame to paint them


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I second that! Top work on the suspension. How do you mean polish your car with WD40?!


Either way, it looks really nice with the rims, matte paint, quad lights and suspension. Your bonnet pins stick out

like a sore thumb :D


Good luck with the rest of the suspension and car.

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It sounds silly, but u know those stupid list thingos you get off the net that tell you all the things that a product can do that its not designed for? Well theres one of those lists for WD40 and it said that it could rejuvinate matt paint, so i gave it a go as i thought mine looked a little tired and low an behold, it worked. You just squirt a little WD40 into a rag and rub it on like polish, give it a minute and then wipe it off and it comes up like new, gets rid of all the marks n crap.


With the bonnet pins, I'm think of doing something a little different there, not coz of the look, more coz I'm tired of the little cables wearing through the paint on the leading edge of the bonnet.


Thanks for all comments

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beau, you could always remove the little wires.. just remember not to loose the pins.


ooorrr you could get the type that the little pin is built into a latch kinda thing.


like these http://cgi.ebay.com.au/JDM-Bonnet-Pin-Set-...93%3A1|294%3A50


will have to try that trick sometime.


oh, another thing for matt black paint, use a high pressure washer (like a cartcher etc).. once it was dry i could actually see a reflection of stuff at night off of it.

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Yeah, i used to do the pressure washer thing and whilst it cleans it pretty good, it didnt take off the shitty marks that it had accumulated. Hence WD40 :D


With the bonnet latches, i used to have that type ages ago but they tend to look shitty really quickly, i was thinking something along the lines of these: post-1650-1242193363_thumb.jpg

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No beau doesn't :y:


And no I'm not putting up piccys of the front yet because:

A) it looks shitty without paint

B) I don't have them atm

C) I don't have any pics yet, and

D) shut up :)


I made up the last little bits today, the paint is drying on them as I type this. The rear lower suspension mounts are done, all thats left now is to assemble everything when my painter friend gives me my struts back, weld the lower rear mounts into the car and install everything.


Lower rear mount pics, Assembled:




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I'm hoping so


As of tonight all the new gear is in, i have no idea how it handles yet tho i havent set the hieghts or the shocks yet or driven it so we'll have 2 see. The trick rear lower mounts i made up ended up being a massive bucket of fail so ive done something else that I'm not entirely happy about. No pics at the moment as its dark, cold, wet and I'm showered

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Nice! Will take a bit of tweaking, but I reakon you've gone down the right road getting rebound and compression adjustable shocks. Let's face it, most the shocks used in corolla's are from car's with totally different characteristics, and that should solve all the drama's.

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I was stuffing around with the coilovers i took out of the rear today as i kinda just threw them in a corner and forgot about them since i got my new stuff.


wow, i have never seen a shocks as absolutly stuffed as these.


on 1 of them the shaft is that bent that it cannot be compressed at all, its just locked solid...




the other one was that bad i actually took a video of how stuffed it was but i can't seem 2 load it onto here


its had absolutly no shock absortion effect at all, in fact it was that bad that i could move it up and down its fulls stroke without any resistance at all using 2 fingers. Not only that, but the shaft actually moved side to side aswell. The shaft is about 10mm give or take, and the hole in the top seal was about 15-20mm's so u could wobble it around a heap.


I am actually ashamed to say that they come out of my car they are that bad

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