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Sr Powered Rolla

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sorry i havent replied but i havent checked this post for ages.

i used a standard ae86 clutch master and the standard sr clutch slave, works well and its not to heavy (my nan can use it)



fix front end (note to self, kangaroos suck ass :P )

get hilux diff and locright center ( as seen in zoom magazine)

put longer top four link arms in rear

convert rear to watts linkage

get better g/box

rose joint rear

paint car all the same colour (tired of kids pointing at the "rainbow car")

new coilovers allround


speaking of which, can anybody recomend a good coilover brand? Theres freakin heaps around and I want to know which ones offer good adjustability, performance and cost, does anybody have any experiences they'ed like to share?


also, does anybody in sydney have a front beaver panel they would like to part with? (stupid roos)

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I'll post more pics when i've got something to post, if anybody wants any particular pics let me know and i'll see what i can do.


ca18de in a ke70: silvia diff is to wide and as CD_rollaman said, hilux is tuff as


and andro0o, ben is likin the car, nothin has been done as yet (its been 3 days dude) but we're probably going to pick & payless next weekend to get a rear drivers window, some chrome window winders and some other bits and pieces. Hopefully the 5 speed will be going in in the next fortnight, but we'll see how things go. With he T-18 bumpers, its adeadset pain in the ass to make them fit a KE70, the easiest way would be to get the plastic end caps off the jap spec bumpers and modify the T18 bumpers to suit them. Still a pain tho.

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I figured i'd better update my pics so they work :yes: and add a few new ones, the cars all the same colour now and ive got some jdm headlights coming and hopefully a front lip if my pm gets replied to, goin out today to find out about some tein bits and to maybe buy a KE70 van, pics


post-1650-1203449199_thumb.jpg post-1650-1203449218_thumb.jpg

post-1650-1203449253_thumb.jpg post-1650-1203449231_thumb.jpg


i really like that last pic, livin in penrith now asweel, i just visit bathurst

a few more detailed coilover pics, all this stuff is pretty and welded properly/painted now


post-1650-1203449384.jpg post-1650-1203449404.jpg


this is what i want to do next, sort of :)


post-1650-1203449501_thumb.jpg post-1650-1203449521_thumb.jpg


i want to copy this setup but put equal length rear four link bars, a watts linkage setup, and a little different with the front struts but this is the general idea :P

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