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Sr Powered Rolla

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UPDATE: dads a knob...


my dad thought it would b a mad idea 2 reverse his rodeo into my rolla :bash: :ninja:


the result being, I need a new bonnet. So if anybody in the sydney/central west area has a straight, rust free KE70 bonnet that they wish to part with, could they please PM me.


Thank you :wink:

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yeah, but bein the queens bday weekend its pretty hard 2 find a wrecker thats open, especially in bathurst, i will be calling round the wreckers on tuesday but i thought id try my luck here 1st coz i'd rather see 1 of you guys get my hard earned than a cheesy wrecker.


and yes, mt panorama is a mad test track, but u are pretty likely 2 get booked if u play to much :thumbsup:

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Don't I know...


I'm only 15, therefore unlicenced, and when I was over that way, the old man let me take the VT (lowered, 17s, real hoons car) for a run around there a few times.. I can't tell you how scared I was when I drove past the copper in the Landcruiser coming the other way, I thought then that I was gunna lose my licence before I even got it :thumbsup:, especially when he looked straight at me in the eyes.. lucky though, he must have been half decent because he didn't turn around. Needless to say, I didn't go for another lap...


Mad how people live on the circuit, eh!

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yeah, & u wouldnt believe how much rent money they get for the race weekend, a few of the race teams stay in those houses 4 the week.


& u r extremely lucky with the coppa, i once drove past them in my dads rodeo (stock shitbox)

on the mountain and they turned around & followed me into town.


they don't take any shit up here...


much to my displeasure :thumbsup:

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any chance of a daylight pic of the front/side 1/4 of your 70 with the konig's on?????? yours looks nice as. i reckon they look very suited to the 70 and earlier rolla's

hence i'm seriously looking to buy a set for my 70, they're not bad in price.. ive only seen em on ae86 so far please please please got any more pics? :)

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sorry, i havent been on here for a while, I'll post up some pics in the next few days of the front 1/4 for ya.:abuse:


I warn you though, they arent a straight fit, you need to flare the front and rear gaurds out a good 20mm min a side to get them to fit.


they do look pretty fat but :dance:

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