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Sr Powered Rolla

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Hi just thought that u may like to see my rolla


Engine: N/A vvti SR20

Driveline: S13 Silvia box RA60 T series diff

Suspension: Hieght adjustable front & rear with 350lb springs at the front and 200lb springs at the rear with 200sx coilovers, noltec bushes, sprinter sway bars

Brakes: celica drums rear, hilux 4 spots front, MA61 supra master on modified KE70 booster

wheels: 15"x7" Konig rewinds

Fuel: twin VL pumps, 1.5L surge tank, VL in tank pump, 5/16 steel fuel lines

Other: ST165 radiator, RA65 celica seats, modified T-18 bumpers

humble beginnings






fuel system





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I don't know how good they are coz i havent driven on them yet, tomorrow i gotta finish the firewall in the boot and set the heights then I'll take a few pics and post em.


I took that pic late last nite by the way, the inner gaurd and boot are now painted.

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thanks man, I recon that 1st phot turned out mad :lmao:


took it for a decent run about an hour ago, its better than before but the rear dampers are stuffed, so I'm gonna put some decent coilovers and springs in when i get some money, hopefully ohlins dampers & lovells springs

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they are, but they don't fit at all, if you look close you can c that the mounting bolts on the rear are different.


other than that the curve of the rear bar is a little off and the ends are completely different (an exercise that took about a week to get right) the front bar is about half an inch to long and again the ends are all wrong. The front mounts need to be modified and the rear needed new mounts fabricated from scratch.


so yeah they fit, but how badly do u want chrome bumpers on a KE70...


and u better be good with a welder and grinder or know someone who is...

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