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Well the fortnight came and went and i lost my job so it all took longer than expected but its all back on track now.

I made a little progress, i found a polish for flat black paint, bought some new rotors, wheel bearings, spherical bearings, coilover kits, a heap o' metal, some seamless tube and did a heap of machining. I'm so close to having some cool bits in this now i can taste it. Hopefully a fortnights time, give or take, and i'll have the coilovers and new shocks in and then i get me a new daily.



my shiny new machined bits and pieces, what you can see in the picture is:

closest to the bottom is the weld-in end peices for my rosejointed p/bar (L)

spacers for the spherical bearing in the rear coilover ®

bits for bottom shock adjustment next up from that

the 8 similar looking bits are the spacers that go from the shock to the bearing in the top hats

above that is the spacers that fit under the gland nuts to suit the fancy pants konis i got

and the bigger things at the top hold the adjusto thingys i made for the bottom shock adjuster and fit the bottom of the shock


To come is all the rosejointed LCA's, castor rods, rear arms and swaybar bracketry, new sway bars I'm making, p/bar and my personal favourite, adjustable front RCA's


my can of flat black polish


my loungeroom chair that once rested in an RX7, just coz i like it and wanted to share :-P

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If not an RX7 chair what is it? I was under the impression that it was a series 4-5 RX7 but I'm happy to be proved wrong.

no idea what seat it is, but i am 100% certain it is not an RX7 seat. S4/5 seats have more support and a completely different material/stitch pattern. S6/8 seats are completely different shape, closest is comes to is a S1/2/3 seats but even then the shape isnt quite right and they never came out in that material/stitch pattern

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Ok, above is a pic of all the bits and pieces required to make my adjuster thingos work for the bottom of the shocks. The problem i had was that the koni inserts i got have full bump and rebound adjustment but the bump adjustment is by a flat screwdriver fitting at the bottom of the shock. This is designed for a more later model strut that can just have a small hole drilled in the bottom for adjustment (ala 200sx, etc) i couldnt do that obviously and wanted a way to adjust the bump without removing the shock from the car. In essence i needed some way to transfer the twisting motion of the bottom adjuster 90ish degrees so that i could make it come out the side of the strut leg. Enter little gearboxs, the little thingo in the top pic, 2nd from the left is a little 90ish degree gearbox off a cheap drill fitting i found at a local toolshop. I modified this a little to take off a few casting irregularities and machined up the part on the left to hold the gearbox with one of the grub screws in the pic, then i needed a way to transfer the drive from a 1/4" hex drive to a flat screwdriver style drive so that the adjuster would work. This proved to be a massive pain in the arse so as the adjuster in the bottom of the insert protrudes from the housing somewhat (it looks like a piece of 1/2" round bar that protrudes about 6mm with a slot cut in it for a screw driver) i machined up the component on the far right to fit over the adjuster and it be held on by a smaller grub screw. I the threaded the other end of this component to accept a 1/2UNC grub screw which just happens to take a 1/4" allen key or the drive side of the little gearbox that i made fit earlier. I then secured this with another little grub screw and all worked well. The finished product attaches to the bottom of the shock via another small grub screw as per bottom pic. I could probably take a few more detailed piccy's if anybody is interested or doesnt understand my descriptions.


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Today i got to play on the lathe and mill again, i made up some new rear strut tops machined the top hats to suit the konis, made some front wheel bearing spacers, cut all the strut tubes down ready for welding and mde up my rosejointed panard bar. Tomorrow i get to pick up the CNC'd rear coilover bottom mounts and then all my machine work is done for a while.

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