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Sr Powered Rolla

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Hey mate!


It's Vinnie from the Canberra cruise (I was in the red KE70). Great to see your car and hope to see it again.

^^^ If there is any organising of a RadRollaz track day I'd be pretty keen to come along to as I'm getting a

few suspension mods done to my car and would like to have a fang on a track anyway!


So how much else have you got left on your to do list before it's "complete"?

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As a few on here know i attended toyotafest this weekend just been, it was an awesome event and i advise anybody that can to go. Its a really relaxed event and the cars where awesome.


However, my day sucked, the event was awesome but faaark. First was the drive from bathurst to sydney on 2hrs sleep, then there was the intermittant miss that was traced back to dodgy leads (thanks KEBIN) then, on the trip home i decided 2 pull over and get a little sleep (only 2hrs sleep in the last 30odd hrs makes for some interesting driving). I lay the seat back 2 have 40 winks and sleep for and hr or so. I wake up, go to straighten the seat and drive off and low and behold, the adjustment mechanism is fuxored ;)


Cue me driving home the remaining 1.5hrs with no seat back, stiff arse suspension and its pouring rain, not freakin fun!!!


Ah, well, at least the car was clean for some of the show when i decided to break out my WD40 polishing techinique (much to peoples enjoyment) and marty and mick picked up some awards. If only they had a "track pig POS with a miss" award, i woulda been a shoe in :)





Also, in honour of the show (and coz mick kept bugging me to clean it) i actually put the front back together and fitted the lip ive had for like 2 years, go me! ;)

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I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm seriously considering selling the rolla |blink| :hmm: :D :D ;) :D


Whilst I'm really not overly excited about selling it I'm running out of financial options at the moment and its becoming clear that this car is getting less practical for what i need.


So, if anybody is interested, make me an offer, if you can't afford more than $6000 don't bother, if i can't make a decent $$$ on this i'll keep it.


As is in the thread it has a huge amount of $$$ in the suspension, SR20 etc, the thread will tell you more than anything i can write here. It has rego till june.


my no. is 0410 723 395


email [email protected]


and can be contacted on here via PM


I'm in bathurst but can drive it to sydney if nessecary

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