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  1. Sadly this is now sold. I had my fun, now it's someone else's turn. Still in a corolla wagon but not quite as cool (yet).
  2. Nice find man, good to see you're sorting it out. Look forward to seeing it done!
  3. Good choice of wheels. I've never seen one of these on the road before! Original paint is cool too
  4. Thanks for the good advice guys. You have convinced me to avoid said china brand carby :) The reason i was keen is because I don't actually have a 5k carby or any stock carb for that matter and it would be so convenient to have a brand new one rock up at your door! And if that could last a few years that's not a bad deal. I've got a weber on there right now which is using a bit much fuel. I could get it tuned but keen for an easy/cheap fix so I'll probably swap that for a stock carb. Hopefully can find a 5k one cheap. Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys, wanting to hear experiences from anyone who has tried one of the 4k or 5k carbs from China. They are about $200 and if they are any good that's not bad for a brand new carby. Like this http://www.ebay.com....=STRK:MEBIDX:IT The research I have done online has shown people had success for other models of Toyota but can't find any on a corolla. Cheers
  6. I'm so glad it doesn't have those flares anymore :D
  7. does the kit come with instructions? :D
  8. Nice looking engine! I've always wanted one of these high roofed wagons. I hope you are staying slant front :)
  9. Sounds pretty straight forward. Just wanted to hear from you that is wasn't too fiddly. I did see a pic of it but could only see the top mounts. I was looking at this one just due to the price, although those alloy ones look really nice.
  10. Looking good! How easy/ hard was it to fit the vn radiator? I'm thinking about getting one, they are cheap and look to have similar inlet and outlet position. Cheers
  11. Thanks guys! I've actually been meaning to update this.. @jimsKE10 - The roof rack I found at a wreckers off an old sigma wagon or similar. I looked in wreckers for at least a year before finding a good one. I got lucky. @cuzzo - It was a memorable experience for sure! Nothing like hitting a nice twisty road 600 km from home with no other traffic in sight. I highly recommend it! Just get premium RAA road side assist just for piece of mind. Something will probably break or fall off so bring tools haha This car is now rocking an import 5k engine from a lite ace with the ke55 5 speed. Bought van for $300. Took 5k out (not that easy). Filled van with junk. Sold to wreckers who towed it away for $100! This photo is just before I started ripping the 4k out of the wagon and the 5k out of the van in the background. 4k out 5k in. Also did front and rear main seals, clutch and a few other things before putting the 5k in. It's also got a 28/36 DCD Weber, K&N filter and extractors. Goes well! But it needs a tune.. Added the headlight visors again and a chrome fog light bar I found at the wreckers as well for some subtle visual changes.. Cheers for looking, Chris
  12. Hey, I've been looking at getting a new radiator as mine is practically see through. However I've found the price to be pretty high. I can't find anything less than around 300 but yet you can get a ae71 alloy one for less than 200. My question is why? Why is this so much cheaper than this? Yes one is 3 row and one is 2 but are they not similar? Could you just buy an ae71 rad and get the bottom inlet moved to other side and end up cheaper? Any input/ experiences helpful. Cheers, Chris
  13. Damn dude, that sounds like one crazy k motor. Pics/vids or it didnt happen :P
  14. This thing is cool, I love the blue pinstripes. Hows it go with the 7k? Using k50 gearbox?
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