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Yeah the day we drove it out of the tyre shop down the road it looked like I was doing a burnout. I should have had the guards rolled more before I got it p/beated & sprayed. I ended up splitting the front guards because of the wheels. Been off the road for about 4 years now still looks as it is though. Wondering whether to re-do it or start on the other ke10 in the family.


With the amount of chrome on the car I thought the wheels suit it.. and at the time because of the stud pattern I had limited choice so I went with them. Thanks for the comments though.

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here are my four oldies....


ke10 unreg, 3k with electronic ignition, old school. painted whitewalls in pic 1, stock 12" rims with stock ke10 hubcaps, and 12" dress rings in pic 2




ke11, on original rego still, got a couple of rough spots, but i just don't look there :yes: 3k with 4 spd. pretty neat.




and the ke16, project long term, 3k with 5 spd, tinted windows. needs a starter motor and brakes.



another long term project ke11, 3k 4spd straight, but needs paint and interior.



just a few of my babies, check out the ke2x and 3x threads for more...

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