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whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

if you're gonna do a ke2x page than we get a ke1x page

the original and still the best!!!!!!!



(Copy and paste this Format, it will keep it looking nice, and easy to read)




[B]Motor & Driveline[/B]:

[B]Suspension & Brakes[/B]:

[B]Wheels & Tyres[/B]:




*Put pictures here*

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Members dont see this ad

i'll go first.....



early 1970 KE18 wagon

1983 toyota starlet 4KE with all the 4KE injection

extractor with 2" pipe going into a camaro muffler and dual outlets

1981 starlet K50

1982 starlet struts and disc brakes

1974 TE28 rear housing with 1982 TE72 3.58 center

sunpro guages, originals painted white

1974 TE28 airconditioning with an aftermarket sanden compressor

welded up the rear windows making it a panelvan

old ford steelies and fiat hubcaps

it took 9 YEARS of bugging the original owner until he finally sold her to me for a buck

442,000 MILES on the chassis




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Name: james


Car: 3/1970 ke11


Motor & Driveline: 4k with 3k bigport head, extractors into 2" exhaust and lukey muffler with 3" droopey tip, k50 k speed


Suspension & Brakes: ke11 struts with ke20 springs and ke20 discs, ke20 KYB shocks rear


Wheels & Tyres: 12x5 steelies with all origional hubcaps


Interior: standard with repaired dash and custom dash mat, new carpet, lined out boot, cd player and 6" speakers


Body:standard resprayed in origional colour


Other: cool little cruiser





cheers james

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Name: Stuart


Car: (8/70) KE 11


Motor & Driveline: KE74 5K-J, Twin 1 1/2 su`s, small cam, extractors, 2" exhaust 18" long reso and straight through muffler. KE 50 5 speed


Suspension & Brakes: KE 20 struts, brakes. Peders lowered springs and shocks. Custom strut brace.


Wheels & Tyres: RX4 wheels 13"x not sure, 175`s front and 195`s eagers on rear


Interior: Black repainted rear seat and trims, scheel seats. saas harnesses, autotechnica s/wheel amd gear knob.


Body: White painted by boss 12 years ago in shed with most trims


Other: heaps of induction noise gotta love twin carbs

post-2201-1168517933_thumb.jpg post-2201-1168518155_thumb.jpg

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Mark Shelton

Little Rock, AR


1968 Corolla KE10 (I just found out for sure from Toyota, my Corolla that's titled as a '69, is actually a 1968)


1.2 3K-C w/1.1 K-C head (10-1 comp)

2 2-1 headers, dual 1.5" exhaust

185/70/13's on FOMOCO, Mazda? steelies w/chrome rings

Lakewood Mini traction bars

Stock suspension with KE11 front disc










My "other" car...not near as much fun.


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This is the KE15 that my Dad lets me rally drive in. Its his car but we both enjoy the rallying driving in it!


Just some of the features.


Its had K / 3K / 4K & 5K engine in it. (7K sitting in the shed now)

Twin Webers

T50 Gear box

Hilux LSD diff

TRD Valves - small stem Dia.

Ported / polished

Volvo 4 pot ventilated front disk brakes

Lotus A frame rear end.

Yokohama A032R tyres


Too many smaller parts to list but all work towards making this a perfect car in the wet and an great tarmac rally car.





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Name: Myles


Car: 1967 KE10


Motor & Driveline: 4K, 4spd, extractors with 2" exhaust, did have flame thrower when purchased, but removed it


Suspension & Brakes: KE20 struts, ke20 disk breaks on front


Wheels & Tyres: Original steelies with ke20 hub caps (recently bought ke10 hubcaps for when i put this thing back together)


Interior: halfway through re-trim, me and my brother r doin it our selves


Body: being stripped for a repsray


Other: waiting for the day it will be ready to drive


When i bought it!



How it looks now! (workin on the rust on guards and doors)



a bit of the interior note it was only resting ontop of the seat itself, not properly attacthed


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Hey guys, I'm only new on here, but thought i'd post up a pic of my recently aquired KE11 :cool:




Name:: Shannon (Shazza, as everyone else calls me


Car: Toyota KE11 Corolla


Engine:: Fresh Rebuilt 3K, Extractors (Not Yet Installed) Twin Webbers


Suspension:: Modified Mitsubishi Magna Front Struts with disk brake front end, 3" lowering blocks in rear


Rims:: Stock 14" Peaugot Rims (Suit the car to a Tee)


Interior:: Stock, needs retrimming


Exterior:: Devil Yellow Acrylic respray, still needs to buffed








Thats about it for now, still putting her back together, all the hard work is done though.

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Name: philbey (or tom for short)


Car: '69 KE16 Wags. Maroon.


Motor & Driveline: 3k with a TOYOGLIDE. Fast. Real Fast.


Suspension & Brakes: Disc front end with a booster. Stops nearly as good as it goes.


Wheels & Tyres: Mazda Stockies. Looking to upgrade....


Interior: Bog Stock neck snappers, gonna put a carpet in this weekend I think


Body: Clean and straight. Some bog hidden under the paint, but neat enough.




Pics coming up this weekend.

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Name: Des


Car: 69 ke10


Motor & Drive line: Nothing and nothing


Suspension & Brakes: Stock suspension at the moment and soon to have ke15 Disc's and ke20 hubs.


Wheels & Tyres: 12's and 13's on it at the moment.


Interior: what interior ?


Body: I want to smooth out alot of things.


Other: It will be driving some day.








I want mine that low and the same rims but like i said alot of smoothing out of some body bits.

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