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Name: Eddie


Car:1969 Ke10


Motor & Driveline:3k 4speed


Suspension & Brakes:Standard


Wheels & Tyres:12 inch bad boys




Body: A bit rough.






And the $20 hubcaps i picked up for it


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This is my KE15


this is an old pic, I have sourced out all my parts and currently slapping it togther.

Working on a rotory setup

Update Alert Finally going to get painted. Going with a bone white




Check out the cardomain page for it


Let me know what you think

Also looking for rear quarter panel lights and I also have some extra parts if anybody is searching

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well yeah I'm in the usa and i sorta just got this and now i found this site and hopefully i can get it started


started with a ke11 with a

3k motor

starlet front end

and rearend out of a starlet..

well its all gone now



right now nothing but collecting dust and parts

i have so far

a 80 supra rearend

build 3t with 2tg bottomend





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Name: Dougy


Car: 1969 KE10 2dr


Motor & Driveline: The original K with 2speed Toyoglide


Suspension & Brakes: (F)Standard ®Standard, rusted and snapped cable


Wheels & Tyres: 12" stockies/hubcaps with New tyres


Interior: Good dashpad, Original blue vinyl door trims (vgc) and shredded seats. Still has the rubber floor matting


Body: Fairly straight, minimal rust, damage on drivers door


Pictures soon

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post-867-1280639544_thumb.jpgName: steve


Cars: 3x1969 KE15,1975 corona mk2 origonal family owner ,post-867-1198152280_thumb.jpgpost-867-1198152766.jpg



Motor & Driveline: one with k one with 3k one with 4k


Suspension & Brakes: all with front disks one with ke35 disks & duel master cyl


Wheels & Tyres: one with origional 12" other two with 13 "


Interior: one very origional SL other 1 almost as good to be restored as SL other custom being restored every day drive


Update every day drive now has a blower :lolcry:

Update1/7/10 origional ke15 sl sold now living in Ireland & Blown setup now replaced with 5k turbo new picks added.






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Steve you have some nice cars there. :lolcry:


Is the overrated red one Lou's old car?

Yeah it's Lou's he came around about 12 months ago to have a look at the old girl .I got it from leon in melb last year .When Lou was here he talked about a ke16 wagon he just picked up that had the fire wall cut back & had a t50 box with a k bell housing. Turned out to be one of my old cars that I put a 2TEGU into in about 1987.I gave it to my g/f at the time so I put a 4k back in & left the T50 box as I had one of rare 4k bell houseings .Wish I had it now! there are picks of it on stewarts old corolla page.

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WOW 3 ke15 very nice collection there. Keep them original and nice to see it daily driven. Mine will also get that treat ment of daily driving in the new year.


Also in Caboolture will have to go have a look one day.


Where did you manage to find 3? I am always looking for other KE15/17 cars.




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5k, Sprinter twin carbs, extractors, 5 speed


Ke20 front discs


Mazda 626 rwd steel rims


Celica ta22 seats, Sprinter speedo/ tacho , sports steering wheel


Body standard ( needs some tlc & paint ! )


Had car nearly 12 years , had a variety of Ke's including ke15 , ke20 , ke11 , ke10's including the blue club car owned by Brendo (had it between 93 - 97 )




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Name: Lucas


Car: KE10


Motor & Driveline: Worked 4K, extractors, twin carbs, 5 speed celica box, exhaust.


Suspension & Brakes: Lowered, front discs


Wheels & Tyres: 17"


Interior: Prelude seats


Body: Purple with blue pearl.



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