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I'm not sure if pics of this have been posted...but for the new people who haven't seen it..here it is!!







I mentioned a while ago that I would post these.

These pics were taken by Stewart Ford in the "Toyota History Garage", which is next to "Toyota Megaweb" in Odaiba (Tokyo bay). The engine is based on an old 3K block and has slide throttles, dry sump.. mechanical injection...sexy

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But if people call it a 3K-R then it means they can keep dreaming of the day that they fit an 'R' head to their 5K to build "THE ULTIMATE K-SERIES MOTOR". Don't even mention the fact that Rover had a DOHC 16V K-series motor. It probably only had a little bit less in common with the 3K than the 150E did.


BTW, does anyone know where I can source a 151E head for my 13T? Plus I need some 503E valves for my 3S-GTE. ;)

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I would love to put one in my speedway cars and go to scruitineering *lifts bonnet* WTF is that thats illegal nah mate its a 3k look at the block, Ok mate *close bonnet* off you go. Now that would beat the cheating FWD Charades i have to race against ;)

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Very nice, i didn't even know this kind of hybrid K series engine could be built. Crazy! it is a hybrid motor isn't it. ;)


Not hybrid, all custom. It was built for the TS Cup Starlets in japan in order to break the winning streak of the datsuns and it succeeded on the 24th of November 1973 at Fuji Speedway taking a 1-2 finish.

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