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New Race Track In Wagga Wagga

Rob 5000

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Why be tossers and pick on the kid? Yea you lot are pretty cool cause yous all live in city's where race tracks are already built big deal, if you knew this young fella he is a very respected driver in wagga, he had monthly race meets held in a reserve for a long time and he did get the race track happening... And by the way ii don't know him personally nor have I been to any of the meets, i know all of this because I don't just judge people by their age, if you go into his topics you will find all this out your self but obviously yous are having way to much fun giving people a hard time instead. Great role models.

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Hey, it's just tall poppy syndrome at it's finest...

We all wish we could play a hand in getting a motorsport complex built in our area, so of course we pick on some youngster who has actually done it.

Maybe after Wagga, he can come to Perth with Skaife and get them to re-do our seven corner wonder that is Barbagallo? :'( I wanna new motorsport complex.

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I went to the council meeting last week. A few farmers who live next to it were complaining about everything including how it will make the curtains fade faster. The pro side were confident after the meeting there was nothing to stop it and council will make a decision in next 2 months so fingers are crossed.

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