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The Fastest Car Youve Been In?

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Okay guys. I've had a couple of inquiries about his thread, and I agree with them.


This is not a pissing-up-against-the-wall I've-done-286kph-in-the middle-of-the-night-in the 'burbs in a Honda Zot with a six pack between my legs thread. That would make your actions illegal. Going to jail illegal if anything bad happens, too.


A couple of posts have gone to the great ethereal bin, and may I please ask that you keep it to the original topic (as most have done), we just don't need/want to hear how you did it.





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Fastest car I've been in was a 350 bhp VK 308, which has since been rebuilt with a 350 stroker. Fastest I've driven was a a 300 bhp VL turbo. I never got a chance of a ride in the 5L Walkingshaw replica VL with twin turbo's that another mate had, put down 550RWKW :kiwi: Someone stole the complete turbo setup while the motor was being rebuilt !!!

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The first one was back in the day when i was only a young lad in my mates older sisters boy friends car. RX2 With a 12a turbo I didn't even know what a rotor was 10 years ago


and more recently my mate brought a 90's model suby with modded sti gear in it

WOW this thing is FAST subsequently that mate no longer has a licence.

Was on low boost too!!!

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Used to build Supercarts in Adelaide. The 250 single would run 11.1. The 250 twin would run 10.9. Fastest street car - a 79 RX7 modded for Targa Tasmania - 10.9 in street trim - yummy. My fastest car was a Black HK Holden Ute lowered flaired guards 14 x 9 up front 15 x 14 Mickey Thompson' out the back. NA 327 chev (lots of $) Turbo 400 9 inch (4.11) = 13.1 oooh yeah. My next slowest a Valiant Charger e49 - 13.4.........trikes

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