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The Fastest Car Youve Been In?

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My 323 4wd turbo rallycar


250BHP out of 1.6L works-spec engine. Got where it was going in a blinding hurry!! If ONLY it had had the proper works gearbox aswell... Man, that thing would have been amazing!!


Without the works gearbox, it would lag BADLY til 4500rpm.... then.... BANG!!! Off she'd go!!


2nd fastest would be my BMW 535i. 155kW, but auto. Not super-fast accelerating (not too bad tho), but it would just pull and pull and pull!!

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In a previous lifetime, my job had me in Germany working on the then newly revived Maybach (Daimler Chrysler).


One day of test drives, we specifically went looking for an autobarn so I could tick off the over 200 kph box in my list of "things to do". I got to 240 kph ... really wanted a bit more, but it was too busy.

The Maybach (we were working the long wheelbase version that day) is a monstrous big, heavy lump of metal and having someone pull out into the fast lane when you're wafting along at 240 just got too much for me!


After that, we cruised the 45 minutes back to Sindelfingen at a comfortable 200 kph.


Took some photos of the speedo - and tried to take one of a ferrari as we flew past ... but all we got was blurred country side!


That was a fun trip ... Maybach hadn't been released yet at this stage (we were driving a factory "prototype") and everywhere we went, people would stop, stare, point etc. We had to fuel up at a servo and a coupla lads came over and asked in halting english

"Maybach?" ... umm ... yes

" can we sit in it?" ... umm ... no

"can we look inside?" ... ummmm ... no .... quick wind up all the windows ... pay for the damn petrol ... I'm sure we're going to get into trouble for this!


As a side note, probably the only Maybach to hit opposite lock coming out of a carpark - damn, that twin-charged V12 is grunty, but turbo lag is a bitch!


aaaaah. good times ... I'd forgotten all about that!




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Escudo, It runs (if it still is how it was years ago) 2x V6 turbo engines.


No!! that was the early swift that has the twin engines.

The escudo engine is based on a 2.7 litre all alloy grand vitara engine, with twin turbos 6 speed hewland box and evo 3 diffs.

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i been in a few fast cars, my brothers old SR20DET powered gemini wagon, his mates 12A turbo RX3 built by pac performance!


and also a fairly modified S15 on the highway, the s15 has about 290hp and the rx3 had a fair bit more but I'm not quite sure.

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No!! that was the early swift that has the twin engines.

The escudo engine is based on a 2.7 litre all alloy grand vitara engine, with twin turbos 6 speed hewland box and evo 3 diffs.


Suzuki and Monster Tajima first challenged Pikes Peak in 1989. He first won the Unlimited Division in 1993 driving a Twin Engine Suzuki Cultus. Again in 1995, he drove a Twin Engine Suzuki Escudo to the overall win. In 1995, Monster Tajima faced the same situation as he did this year since the course was similarly shortened due to poor weather conditions.
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Ummmm, I'd believe Chris, as I believe he was one of the people that built it.


Yeah I'm still trying to work that 1 out since his website sez:


Chris also worked for Suzuki Sport.
The ESCUDO was running twin engines pre to 1996 and i know this for a fact.


lmfao pwned!


Ok, Isnt Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima the driver of that car?


I'm sure hed know what engine it has:








The configuration was changed to the twin turbo V6 after he won 95, I got into this car after i seen it on gran turismo and looked into what it ran as it said in there that it used to run twin engines and Rod Millen did a section on it on 1 of his shows last year.


I know who i beleive.


P.S. Look at 94 & 95 in the 2nd pic.

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may i ask waht line of work you were in..? and how you were fortunate enough for it to take you to germany..?


short version: I write embedded software - at that stage for the automotive division of Motorola


At the time, we were building Telematics Control Units - and I was in Germany cos the shit was hitting the fan with the cellular network screwing up SMS messaging in a blackspot somewhere around Ragensburg ... if I recall correctly! Turned out to be a bug in the cellular network's software ...


Damn it ... for that project, I had code in Audis, BMWs and Porsches as well ... and never once a "f@$k, we're having problems .. come help us" from Porsche!




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