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The Fastest Car Youve Been In?

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post-1769-1174092870_thumb.jpgOriginally Posted by ToDa30/4

This car has done 245 kmph, ive had the GT4 6 years ,started off with the usual mods we all do and got carried away,motor built by Chris Miltons in Adelaide ,fabrication ,install & dramas sorted by Mark Mills of MADAZ Motorsport ( Top Guy ) and myself

remote oil filter

simmons 16" F90's

Toyo Gran Trampio 225/45's

ARP fixings thru out

braided brake lines

HKS pistons

HKS valve springs

HKS 1.6mm head gasket

HKS 264o cams both sides

HKS adj. cam wheels

JUN titanium retainers

Ferera 1mm o/s s.steel necked valves

Bronze guides

TRD thermostat

Unorthodox alloy crank pulley

Fererra Alloy fly wheel

Extreme 5 puc single plate clutch ,good so far maybe twin plate latter

Speed Source braided clutch line & slave cylinder rod

Speed source brass gear link bushes

TWM short shifter

Fensport alloy pullies

RMR alloy bell mouth plenumrossmachineracing.com

stock 55mm. t/body ,have a ford 70mm to go on

Madaz custom duel feed fuel rail

800cc side feed inj.

XS hi preasure Fuel reg.

Walbro fuel pump

Aussie headers

Aussie 3" dump HPC treated modified for GT turbo outlet

3' straight thru exhaust ,with a cannon with 41/2"outlet

10mm Top gun leads

Link plus ECU

Crane ignition module

HKS elec boost control

White line full suspension kit with front strut brace

Kings super low springs

Koni adj. strut insrts

DBA slotted discs x4

lucas pads , may need to upgrade here

AH UK. Ltd FMIC 645 x 160 x 95 ,600hp rated

Garrett GT35 600hp b/bearing turbo

Tial 38mm. waste gate

twin 12" elec fans

custom 4" alloy turbo intake

K& N 4' x 5" pod

Velo rece seat

cam lok 5 pt. harness

GFB bovus maximus BOV

cusco lower front brace

custom rear strut brace


Ok thats about it plans are I'm stripping the car out to get as light as i can, will be using the car for ANDRA sports compact Sports AWD class , run it at mallala & the collingrove hill climb, i had to put the project aside but am now back into it ready for the track april 07

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My fastest car I've been in would have to beeeeeeeeeee unfortunately an AE82 Corolla with a turbo conversion (at this stage).


But for nice cars, nothing beats my uncle's old 74 LT Camaro. Now THAT was a nice car.

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I think the winner for me would be my mates vs commo, it has a COME racing all alloy 400 cube in it, 25 grand worth of 600hp crate motor. It idles like a baby, you would hardly pick it, but when he nails it the 20s fry up in the first four gears.


Its quite funny because the car looks so nice and only the decerning ear would pick up on the cubes through exhaust note, every man and his skyline wants a go. So we get to see some pretty shocked faces.

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Etiher the R33 GT-R or the R34 GT-R with 303rwkw - both owned by the same person. The R33 is this quickest car I've been down a quarter mile in (on bitumen with loose gravel on top), but the R34 is a quicker car - I just haven't had the same experience in it. I've been around various motorkhana courses in both cars - sideways most of the time. I'd be hard pressed to decide which car was faster while sideways, but both put a MASSIVE smile on my face. The fastest car I have ever driven would either be my uncles standard WRX (about a 98/99 model) or my 4A-GZE KE55. Love the feel of the turbo kicking in on the Rex - love even more the wheels lighting up in third on a dry road in the KE55 just after it was tuned. :P

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so how much power does it have? Sounds like a weapon. Tell us more. Whats going on with the rods?




stock 2nd gen 3sgte rods & crank balanced , etc.& stress relieved by Chris Miltons good for 9500 rpm , best pull was 225 awkw @8000 rpm on a hybid CT26/ GT30R , ran on the street at 205 awkw had all sorts of dramas with the internal gate not holding preasure , so now have fitted the GT35R externaly gated , we hope to get around 300 awkw on the 264o cams if not i will swap out the cams for some 272o hks & do the shimless 1zze conversion so i don't loose the std bucket over shims with the higher lift . car is going thru a rebirth at the mo & will be back together , on the dyno & the track april 07 cheers dave


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One of my father's business associates has an Aston Martin Vanquish I was fortunate enough to borrow for a dirty weekend with the gf once... quick, but not as quick as the supra a friend of mine in brissy owns. Purpose built for top speed with a monster single turbo and stupid diff ratio. Easily clips 300kph... but a pussbox auto AE82 could beat it to 60. Bogs down, bunny hops and lurches its way through traffic but as soon as it spools up... holy shit. Your eyeballs fill with blood and small rips are created in the time-space continuum...

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I don't actually know which car that I have been in was the fastest, but the ones I will definitely remember are: Mazda RX-7 Series 5 with a few minor mods

VL Turbo, don't know what was done to this but it was crazy. It got wheel spin in third gear after the clutch slipped and grabbed again.

Nissan Pintara Wagon with RB-20 conversion with HKS Turbo and few other small mods

Nissan Silvia S-13 SR-20 DET


All those cars were pretty damn exciting and accelerated with many G Forces. I had fun, but who doesn't when all the have ever owned was 4K powered KE Corollas.

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My brother used to have a HJ Kingswood, ex-stock car 253, M20, and Chev 10 bolt diff. He had that wound off the clock. Estimated at about 220 kph and he said still had a bit of throttle left but it was a bit too floaty. And yet it felt like we were cruising. But I guess that what happens driving in the Territory

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OK, I've Driven a Maserati Quattroporte 8cyl Twin Turbo (that was fun - and fast and a little bit scary) and I've been in (but not driven) a 1957 Lotus 12 (chassis 353), ex race car of Graham Hill, a Porche 944, a Ford GT40 (you know the one with the shell) um and a Skyline R34 I think it was (it's the yellow one that's been at SCS and a couple of other car shows here in adelaide and also at the summernats and of course some maniac MR2's.


Lesley :P

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