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The Fastest Car Youve Been In?

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fastest car i have been in was an RB26DET GT3540 powered R31 coupe 325kw atrw. was on the front cover of zoom a few years back (immaculate bright red paint). my best mate saw it in the trading post and proccedeed to hand over the required 22k. only took him 9 months to write the car off into a ditch. we really should have gotten a taxi that night lol. motor is currently being jammed in an s13.... FUN!!!


fastest and stupidest car i have driven would be my ca18det ke20. stock front brakes cigweld locker and still fryin them up the road in the third. speed never really to looked to scared but 200kph is not out of the question.

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I think the fastest car ive been in is a 2005 Porsche 911, although last weekend i went passanger test driving a friends newly twin turboed vx clubsport 6ltr. I think that will be a close match. The fastest speed ive been is in my vr-x 215kmh on the F3 down mooney mooney at 3am.

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355 supercharged vn just ova 500kw at the rears... runs low 10s on street tyres...


proply the scariest bit is he unhooked his speedo... becuase "i dun wanna set a personal best in this car and then get too happy to beat it"


he is now minus 11 points on his liscence thanks to this car...


hes got issues i was scared..


nuff said..

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Evo IX - went for a test drive with the dealer and he almost ran into Highway Patrol

RB20DET S13 - that was fun... mate clutch kicked 3rd at about 100 and put it sideways down the street

4AGTE Sprinter - Going over mt nebo in that was heaps fun, woulda been more fun driving tho, some r34 thought it could keep up and we lost it in 3 corners.

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