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The Fastest Car Youve Been In?

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so far..


its my friend's silvia s15 japanese spec with a bit of mod (i think thats what he said lol). well about 110-120km/h isnt very fast but we were doing it in a normal road at around 5pm'ish (the speed limit was 60 i think lol).. so yeah, a bit scary as well. (i think we all got scared when we're not driving..)


and driving 130-140km/h in a stock-7k-powered toyota kijang in jakarta tollway while zig-zagging past another cars. in addition to that, there were 5 of us in the car AND our stuff as well.. hehe.. the engine was screaming! poor car.. no, i wont do that in aussie.. :P

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A red Z28 IROC Camaro, Stopped looking at the speedo at 135 MPH


Bastard, I want one of those things.......



Anyway, fastest I've ever been in a car was an indicated 200km/h (end of the speedo) in my AE102, me driving, at night, not legally (ie public road). Despite what I just wrote, that never happened. It was on my private 3-lane highway. I was not speeding, officer.


Fastest car (potential-wise) I've been in is my mate's ST162 with a ST185 GT-FOUR engine, 2WD, and about 20psi shoved down it's throat. Wheelspin central in the wet, but in the dry it smoked RX7s easily


Fastest car (acceleration/cornering) I've driven was the 2005/06 University of Newcastle Formula-SAE racing car, aka the PIG. We called it the Pig because it was basically the longest and widest car in the competition, the Goodyear slicks squealed on the practice track, and it slurped petrol like a .......well, like a pig slurps slops. Capable of doing around 1.2-1.3G through a corner, and 0-100 time in the high 3/low 4 second bracket, and that was starting in second gear (first was avoided because of the risk of dropping it into neutral on the 1-2 shift). Pity the top speed was only about 130-140km/h

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- Fastest car I've even been in is probably my mate's 2001?? Clubsport, 255kw model - soon I'd like to be able to say my KE20, we'll see


- Fastest I've been in a car is in my mates E34 5 series BMW - 215km/h (public road)


- Fastest I've driven is 190km/h in my first car, '93 TR Magna (public road)


And yes, this is why I'm currently serving my much deserved license suspension until further notice. :D I need to attend more track days or something :yes:

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