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Corolla Ke20 built to Historic Group Nc spec


3K bored 40thou to 1198cc

Bigport head

Twin 45 Dcoe Webers



Crappy wild cat extractors and 2" street exhaust - tuned length exhaust and possible upright coming soon


Big thanks to Nick at Topend Performance 0413 967 462 for his efforts with this motor. Head flows over 160hp.


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1983 AE71 sport coupe, 4AGE smallport, J160 6 speed, Richmond Racing (Dwarf car) 3.9 final drive, fitted into an AE86 disc brake rear diff




1606cc 4AGE N/A, smallport head and block,

3 rib rods and crank, with Euro OEM Toyota 10 to 1 pistons, w/ aftermarket gudgeon (wrist pins)

Web Camshaft - grind 577 (equivalent to a 264 type cam)

TRD valve springs








140-145 whp depending on the dyno. 140-145 whp calculates to about 160-170 crank hp



dyno run back in 2012 -


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Damn...nice results dude!


Blue Things Specs: 4A-GE 16v bigport, standard crankshaft, conrods & 9.4:1 pistons. 0.25 head & 0.25mm block skim, TRD headgasket, standard camshafts/valves/springs, some minor port work by Head 2 Head.

DIY intake manifold, Keihin CVK 40mm carburetors (185 mains, 35 idles, 160 airs, no washers on needles), random exhaust.



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Starlet KP61

NA 4K bored to 80.5mm

pretty much stock CR

balanced and lightened bottom end (+/- 2.5kgs lighter)

+1mm oversized valves

Kentcam T124 camshaft with handmade adjustable pulley

martelius handmade manifold replica

2x weber idf 36

eletronic dizzy

std 98 octane fuel

87hp (+/-  65kW with muffler)

90hp (+/- 67kW without muffler, straight piped)


com panela1.jpg

sem panela1.jpg

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